Bootstrapping Installers

Love the idea! I mean as a mutual agreement. But at the same time certain rules would have to be followed i.e. no minors, you open the channel to being prosecuted for injury (gbh/abh) as well as endangerment and whatever else wants to be thrown at you.

But yeah I’m always willing to help and why not.

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I’d love to do something like that. I’d list myself, except I dont have any professional space or licenses.

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I think the idea was meet do it then have a beer, not professional think more crowd sourced.

I was thinking more crowd supported? How do we get these brave souls up to speed so they can stab as many people as possible? Maybe a few would go full pro, but I really see this more as a semi-pro kinda thing. But how do we launch? What do they need?

There’s certainly enough trade to support an army of semi-pro installers.


I’d love to help set up regional hubs. Try not to have anyone without a piercer in <500 mi. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there’s always someone nearby to help? Maybe we could find a nationwide cowork chain that we can set in.

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I’d happily stab others if there was a way to ensure I was not going to be sued to high hell if something goes wrong.


In theory I like the idea, I’d feel comfortable with certain installs, I even looked into becoming a licensed body modder in Phoenix since there really isn’t anyone around except for Steve Hayworth who is very expensive. But the idea is fraught with risk for exactly the quoted reason… it’s one thing to install into someone you know, another to install into complete strangers without the proper license or insurance. I know its all in the name of biohacking, but still.


My favorite turn of phrase from the forums. :upside_down_face:

What about the after Covid gathering(s) that Amal had mentioned? Training sessions?

Yeah, that. Liability waver, maybe?
I don’t know if you’d need a piercer’s license if you weren’t getting paid. But we’re all over the globe, and rules are different in every place. Maybe there’s a way to teach prospective members of the Knights of the honorable order of Hand Stabbers to research their local laws?

Ooooh, the KHS. I like that.


We are the Knights who Say NEEEFC


Legally doing that for money causes a load of issues. This is because you’re offering an unlicensed service without proper training.

It’s not against the law for someone to do it to another in most countries but it’s not recommend. A bad install can lead to complications down the line and a wasted implant.

KSEC has been working with DT to try up scale the installer network around the world with professional installers but as a company it’s dodgy ground recommending a home install.

There are definitely DT installation guides but they’re also aimed at professionals.

The way we’ve managed events and know how some are run (installer wise), is someone from a med of piercing background doing them with guidance.

Additionally there’s still a big push from all over the world to stop selling self installation kits and try get people to have a professional installation. This helps from both a legal and a healthcare point of view.


Hell I dont wanna be paid, I just want more cyborgs. Like I said I’m willing to lend a hand when you aint got enough of your own.


Problem solved. I like piecing things with needles. Hire me and train me, and I will travel the world on a monthly basis, installing all around the world.


Only issue as a company we can’t offer out unlicensed installation services. There’s been enough legal issues in the UK with the piercing/ body mod industry.

Someone not long being landed in jail because of work that was deemed out of their license. Let alone doing it without a license


While the new apex needle provides a workaround for scaple work and the law. Same as the above, legally we can’t.


If you’re a licensed piercer however we have some installers who offer training to new installers.

It’s not all doom and gloom however from this point.

We have associates who aren’t full time or located in a set place that we don’t link to our online store. However they’re added to our map as a recognised individual:


Don’t get me wrong it would be a case of a couple of friends meet up and do it. I know its risky ect and personally I would be doing it for random people who joins the fourm 2 minutes ago. But I think it could work with mutual respect but obviously there is the chance of getting burned legally.

Good points, and an honest assesment of reality.

The contrarian in me wants to know how to bend the rules to acheive the results now. If licensed installers are needed, then how do we bootstrap up the amateurs into legit pros?

Dangerous Things University?

Could we legitimately get a group of amateurs together, buff up their skills and push them through the red tape?

A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and an installer in every neighborhood!


I really want this!

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My biggest issue is I am not too interested in piercing. Sure I can apprentice my local one, they said they would, but I don’t really have an interest in piercing.

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Yeah, and when an implantee gets an infection, you go to the slammer for unlicensed practice of medicine.

I don’t think so. Too much liability… I’d only do it for someone I know extremely well.