1 Month Later - My Experience

Hey guys! It has been an entire month since I have gotten my NExT implant. I just wanted to share my amazing experience of ordering, implanting, what I think of it, and my future plans.


I found out about chip implants maybe a year or two ago when a friend mentioned it. I didn’t think anything of it until recently, about 3 months ago from today. I did a quick Google search and found VivoKey, which led me straight to DT. I ended up joining the magnificent Discord server. After talking to the folks there, I ended up choosing to get a NExT. I live in the United States, am currently in high school, and got my chip implant at age 14. Now I’m 15. I think that me being younger might offer you guys some insight about what it is like getting chipped at a young age and my experience.


Honestly if I wanted to it wouldn’t have been hard to do this without my parents permission, but I am not that type of person and I wanted my dad’s help so I figured I would ask. I asked my dad first to which he surprisingly said “yeah whatever” with no issue. My mom however, had her own concerns but after a few days figured that I knew what I was doing and that if it is my body, I can do what I want with it and live with the consequences. (if any) :wink:


At first, I was really set on spark2. After talking and doing some more research I found that I most likely would have been disappointed with the spark2 and decided on the NExT. I was originally going to get the deluxe kit, but I didn’t really want the keyboard reader since I use a Mac and there is no secondary PIN option. I placed my order for the NExT standard and an xEM Access Controller v2. Ordering was honestly a breeze and I received my implant 5 days later. I was honestly very surprised with the quality of the packaging and the amount of supplies that come with the implant.


After receiving the implant, I impatiently waited 3 weeks for installation. My installer was my dad, who is a doctor. I honestly really probably wouldn’t have gotten this if he couldn’t install it. Laws are weird here about minor stuff and I really trust him the most. At first, he wanted to use injectable lidocaine. I honestly didn’t care because pain is pain but like this is an X-series install so lol. On the night of installation, he pulled out the syringe and went to the fridge to fetch the lido, but there wasn’t any. I said I am ok without numbing and he was like “ok it may hurt.” He sanitized me up and injected it. Boy, he did an AMAZING job. Didn’t hurt AT ALL. Probably hurt less than a slap on the back or even heartburn (not lying). I literally felt nothing. When I couldn’t get a read right after installation with the bandage on, my dad was like wtf. I told him that because of the antenna shape of an x-series, reads are difficult with swelling and bandages. I told him that if I got a flex it would require sutures but would read much better. He asked me why I didn’t get a flex. No hesitation about the sutures part. God I love my dad.


After the installation, he put a big ass bandage on (idk why). I think it helped for migration on the first night by sleeping with it. The next day, I removed the big bandage and put a smaller one on. I got my first read then. After a few days with various bandages, I stopped wearing them and everything was good. My implant did migrate through towards my thumb metacarpal and is now parallel with it. Not touching bone though so everything is fine.

(Top dot is injection site parallel to the index metacarpal, and black line is where the implant rests)

(A few days after getting it implanted)


On a daily basis, I use my xEM Access Controller to open up my garage to get inside my house. I also use the hf side to share contact details and occasionally rickroll people when I set it as that. I still have a Proxmark 3 Easy on the way, so I think I’ll be doing more stuff with it soon.

(Where my implant and wound are currently)

What I think of RFID implants

While not for everyone at the moment, my personal experience with implants just makes me want more. I had an amazing experience with DT and installation, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store. I had a friend who was gonna get one alongside me, but he dropped out. I’m glad I stuck with it though and got one. It’s amazing. It took a bit to understand all the terminology and tech of RFID but I’m getting better at it day by day.

Future Plans

Definitely getting an Apex. If it has payments, I may order it faster and get it installed sooner. Even if it doesn’t I will still get it for the “Not A Key’’ applet and all the other amazing java card applets you can use. I really like what VivoKey is doing with making implants more user friendly I guess you could say. I also want a blinky but waiting on that until I get my Apex. Definitely open to more implants in the future, but right now I just want payments and more access control and applets.

(Brainstorming where I want to put the Apex)

It was hard for me to recall all the information at one time during writing, so if you have any questions, please let me know! I’ll be happy to elaborate on anything you have to ask. Excuse any errors as well. This was a pretty quick post. Thanks guys for being such an awesome community and I will see you around!

~ Khaled


Thanks for sharing!


So cool! I’m trying to convince my parents to let me get an NExT (i’m 16). I’d also probably go through a similar path to you in terms of more implants (something capable of payment and one with an LED). Not too keen on the magnet implants just because of MRI scans, but i think it’d be pretty cool too.

Could you post pictures of your garage door setup? I wanna know how/where you’ve mounted the coil.


Sure thing! I agree about magnets being awesome, but the MRI incompatibility for sure is an issue with me. Glad to hear you are interested in implants as well. I have added the pictures with explanations below.

Alright so this here is the speaker wire extending from the opener. I honestly need some touch up paint.

This is may access controller. I didn’t have any electrical tape so I used these horrible wire connectors. Planning on replacing them with some tape ASAP. I 3D printed the case for it. The power supply was from a thrift store for 1 dollar. The speaker wire is some random crap I found in a box.

This is my antenna. Currently it is mounted with some painters tape. This is only temporary though. I am planning on 3D printing a case for the antenna or using a screwdriver to create a gap in the siding and sealing it with caulk and paint, that way it is invisible! I also need to recaulk the trim or whatever that is holding the weather striping down. It was like that. when I put it in there though so that made it easier.

Here is a video of me using the implant to open up the door. As you can see it works really well and is basically instant. With a walk for dramatic effect, of course.


Great to hear that you’re going strong!

I’m waiting on the Apex too but I’m probably going to go for the max (capsule) version :eyes:

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I would get the max capsule version. I think it is great for a lot of people, but the use cases of the Apex are better suited for a flex implant, at least for me. I think Tesla may have trouble coupling with the x series version and also it will probably be very difficult to have payments on it as well (if released). I do think the ease of install is probably worth it though for the max.

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If you used the right size those wire connectors are usually more acceptable than tape. Ideally you would use heat shrink self solder butt splice connectors rather than tape. Basically you slide one on one wire, connect the other wire to it and then slide the connector over the joint. Then heat it (heat gun, lighter,…) and the solder melts into the joint while the tube shrinks to insulate the joint.

heat shrink self solder butt splice connectors

I had a friend tell me about those, perhaps I will check it out. Thanks!

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Garage door looks good! Nice 3D printing too. I swear you’re just me but living in another timeline or something.

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I swear you’re just me but living in another timeline or something.

Haha, maybe?

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