12 days later, a diesel engine

Thought I’d throw this out there for those who haven’t taken the leap yet. I did mine on Dec 21, and it’s now 12 days later. The first 3-4 days were pretty tender, but got better after that.

Today (day12), I stripped the injector pump out of a semi and replaced it. Lots of heavy tools, tight little spaces that I had to twist my way into, and frankly a hundred different ways to hurt yourself. Didn’t even feel it. I thought about it once or twice, but for the most part, completely ignored it, and had no problems.

Just FYI.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I highly recommend getting an install just before a 3-4 day weekend.


Like you said, proper healing time is super important, but once its healed up well enough and if it’s stayed in a good spot, there’s very little activities that would ever endanger you or your implant. It’s awesome how overall non-intrusive having implants is.

I have 5 implants and aside from playing with them, I never have to think about or worry about them.