$120 shipping for NFC stickers

I’ve bought some implants a while ago but postponed installing them until I find a way to get them to be reliably read by my iPhone 14.

The stickers are most likely the perfect solution, but apparently the shipping to Italy would be $118. Is there any solution to this?

I understand that for sterile stuff that goes into your body a suitable shipment method is important, I’m just hoping we can arrange for a cheaper solution for stickers that cost a couple of dollars each.

Yep we are working on setting up a new shipping class just for stickers so if you only order stickers it will be sent in an untracked envelope for a few bucks. Any parcel shipment is just orders of magnitude more expensive these days.


Great to hear, when will that be available?
I can’t wait to actually start using my chips and integrate them into my Linux workhorse.

We’ll try to sort this out first thing tomorrow


Great, thanks.

OT not to spam all over the place: my last DT Club transaction failed, will it just retry on its own or do I have to do something about it?

Hmm not sure! Go to your profile then billing to see if it’s still active

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Btw since I am living in Europe as well, I would also like to test the new stickers, therefore I would appreciate very much having a cheap shipping option :slight_smile:


The status is set to “past_due” but re-adding the card has not forced it to process the payment.

Will “Digiwell” get them too?

Can you please fill me in on what these stickers are good for?

Passive NFC amplifiers. Better signal and range with small chips and bad/weak readers.

Ok, shipping classes have been updated… so if you are only ordering stickers, it will ship out in an untracked envelope for very cheap.


Hey I wrote you in the other topic. Um well dunno if here is the right place to report, but check this out

hmm send me your address in DM and i’ll test. shipping is kind of a weird complex setup.

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ok! should be fixed… reload / refresh the checkout page


I just sent a support message because my order was apparently shipped on June 17, but as of today I got nothing… I hope you had some sort of tracking and it is not completely lost.

Or maybe a month is not excessively long for this sort of shipment?

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was it Only the RSP (as per this thread) if so even sent via standard post is a bit long, even to you in Europe?

@tac0s will no doubt see your ticket and get you sorted


Ah, sorry, I replied to the ticket yesterday and then forgot to reply here.