13.56MHz wireless RFID remote control access system for gate

I thought that I would share this little project that I am worked on, getting my electric fence to open with my :blinky_blue:

It would have been useful for me to have stumbled across this information and the below unit has a massive range of access uses.

Working with an AliExpress electronic door lock company ‘Lucking Door’ we customised a wireless 13.56MHz access system.

I was able to have their generic lock converted from LF 125KHz to HF 13.56MHz and have the power of the RFID boosted (most important). I have found with most battery-operated readers, the x-series antennas are not big enough to trigger the power saving settings to send the system into a full read and power the chip. (I prefer wireless external keypads. I find them more secure as wired pannels can just be pulled off and the wires joined to open locks, generally)

The system that I sourced:

The system comes with not only the wireless RFID keypad and a full access control module, though also a press exit button, portable button, and a mounting kit… All for around AU$75, total. This cost included postage, the system, taxes, and mod costs.

For my use, all I was wanting was to cheaply upgrade my electronic fence with an RFID keypad that I could use with my xSIID. (Currently the old keypad in place is in great working order, but scanning an implant is just toooo cool not to be able to do.)

This Lucking Door system allowed me to use it as a communication output ‘switch’, though it could be used as an entire access system in itself, though a power supply unit may be required depending on the lock/device.

I am still to wire up the doorbell and tamper alarm features, though wanted to test out the system as a POC before doing a permanent install and removing the now old obsolete keypad. (And, wanting to wait a few weeks to see the durability of the system, keypad mainly!)

This system allows for the output of the ‘switch/communication’ to be modified in type and in seconds. This is important as it can be used as a momentary switch (pulse, 1-2 seconds), as an option where a devices requires to be open/closed for a period of time (seconds), or as a status toggle switch.

The momentary(2 seconds) option is what I used for my gate’s communication input.

This system could also be used in/with many other applications such as electronic locks, garages, sliding doors, blinds, or anything that allows an input or for piggybacking to a current mounted switch or button. Limit switches can be added to the control module if needed (or if not already in place with the device is it controlling).

He’s a quick video on the operation of the system:

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to document this project and add it to the library of knowledge that is this forum.