2/3 Complete tbc

xG3 and NExT implant was successful. Spark 2 will be coming next weekend so stay tuned

Also s/o to Michelle, out of all the people there to watch not one realized it was a magnet


Elevate dalek voice
And ice and ibuprofen for the first day and you’ll be fine


just scanned my NExT for the first time with NFC Tools. And there was a link to the DT NExT page already on it :joy: good marketing there @amal

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Yea I thought that was a nice touch on my next and Xsiid

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Finally figured out where the magnet was placed (wasn’t looking when installed because the needle was kinda scary lmao). Still not strong enough for me to stick anything to it, might just be using too large of an object too soon. NExT has migrated forward past the initial injection site but seems to have surfaced wayyy faster than my xNT. So Mrs. Nurse lady is getting better at installs. Spark 2 coming this weekend.
Might get a neodymium magnet on amazon for some testing.

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