2 questions about titan and order confirmation

First, I placed an order but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Is this normal?! I got my order number. Is there a way to contact? Second, when can I order titan ?

What is your order number? Usually when this happens its because of a mistakenly entered email address for the order… but sometimes our emails hit spam filters too.

The Titan is a batch crowdfunded product, and batch #2 just closed. We plan to open batch #3 later this summer. Keep subbed to dngr.us/socials to get notified when the new batch launches!


25124 . I’m curious if I will receive it by the 20th as a body mods artist will be in my town and agreed to do it for me.

Outta curiosity, how many batches until you stock it on the reg? Or will it only forever be crowd funded?

DM’d your tracking number :slight_smile:

Also you entered .con at the end of your email not .com :wink:

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Dunno honestly… the batches seem to be doing well but not quite well enough to warrant a massive inventory investment at this point. Maybe one day.

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