20% Off Dangerous Things & Vivokey (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

Hello all!

We’ve got some awesome deals for black Friday! Starting on the 21st Nov (Today), view the full list here:

Use these codes while stocks last at checkout.
Get 15% off all of our STOREWIDE - BLACKFRIDAY15
Get 20% off all Dangerous Things & Vivokey products - DT_VIVOKEY20
Get 30% off all Pro Pick lock picking sets & Tactical Gear - GET_TACTICAL30

We will be adding free items into every order!

  • All orders get a free sticker
  • £200+ orders get a free Magic Mifare 1K GEN1a & Gen2 cards
  • £300+ Order get free DT RFID field detectors (LF + HF)
  • £500+ Free KSEC Complete test cards bundle & RFID field detectors

We’ve updated this to start from today!

For Cyber Monday, these 20% off Dangerous Things & Vivokey products will last until the 4th of December.

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Will there be a black friday sale on the actual DT website this year (tomorrow)? I only ask because the ksec site does not sell the bundle/kit that I want and it is UK based so I would get less and it would cost more on sale than just buying from this site at standard pricing. any info is greatly appreciated.

If you message us with the kit you’re looking at then I’ll see what we can do.

Cyborg Monday will very very very likely happen, like every year

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Just wait ~1-5h and the sale will be here :laughing:

Its actually already here but


Awesome, I really appreciate it. I am now one step closer to being bionic.

Nice, here are some even better deals.


My package arrived today, everything’s fine with it.
May I ask shouldn’t I get a KSEC patch?