2021 cyborg week sale

Both apply to your order.

On the checkout I only get the cyborg discount. Im shipping to Brazil, the only option now is USPS.

Sorry then, idk about Brazil

“please be advised that we will no longer be using USPS shipping services for our international customers”

the only shipping option I get is USPS


stole that one


Yep… DHL specifically won’t but also certain countries’ customs will bounce it.


Sorry yes only certain counties. If we ship to Brazil with DHL the packages are 100% lost.

So if I wanted to drop some evidence down a black hole…

DHL and Brazil. Got it.

Pretty much

Why DT don’t ship to Turkey in the first place? And how to DM you? I think i am not allowed

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Its a DHL thing I guess.

I will DM You.


That are the shipping costs to turkey. @amal how big is the box with like one chip/xg3 inside?

Turkish customs seize and destroy any packages we send.

8" x 6" x 2" (measured up to nearest inch) for a single implant box in one of our wrap boxes and the weight is 7.9 oz (sorry for the freedom units)

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That seems like a total dickhead move.

We got a few through but then after a YouTuber in Turkey showed off his implants, it must have gotten the attention of customs.

What about Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus or Georgia?
Have you successfully sent implants to any neighbouring countries?
Maybe Armenia?

The partner map shows the closest place as Isreal…

But @jasinko if you can travel and find a piercer to have them delivered to, this may be an option.

Thank you for your interest. @mrln will ship to me from Germany. I salute him


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@amal Could we have a walletmor Cyber Monday discount?

DT don’t sell the walletmor. Walletmor had a sale for black Friday but looks like it’s ended now.