How to approach a professional

Even though we consider installation of our products to be a relatively low risk procedure, it can only be low risk if a professional familiar with tissue work and aseptic procedure is performing the installation. You should absolutely work with a professional capable of performing a safe installation of our implantable projects such as surgeons, medical physicians (MDs), physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (RNs), veterinarians, body modification artists, and body piercers (not tattoo artists).

Doing an installation yourself (DIY approach) has been done by our customers in the past, but it is highly discouraged for three reasons. First, regardless of the fact we supply sterile kit materials, it is very easy to cross contaminate things and create a very serious health risk for yourself. Second, performing a proper installation on yourself is quite difficult from a physical and logistical perspective. Finally, and most importantly, every single instance of a customer getting an infection or complication after installation has been someone trying to DIY it. DO NOT DO IT. Contacting a professional who can help you is extremely simple if you follow this guide.

If we do not have any professional partners in your area (check the map), you can approach a professional in your area to ask them politely if they will install our products for you. However, before you think about emailing or calling around to your local piercing shops, read and follow this guide.

Emailing or even calling a professional piercer you don’t already know has a very low chance of success. The reason for this is simple - they have no idea who you are, what you’re asking them to do, or if it’s even remotely safe. You’re basically asking them to put their entire business and career at risk to do a one-time installation for you, a complete stranger… nobody is likely to agree to that. To have any decent chance of success, you’re going to have to put on your shoes and go outside.

You will have the best success getting a professional to perform your installation if you follow these steps;

  1. Print out, in color if possible, the following documents;

  2. Set an appointment with your doctor, or call other professionals like body piercers in your area just to schedule an appointment to come in and talk about a specific piercing or procedure you want. Do not talk about the implant or go into detail on the phone, just say you’d like to talk to them about something you’d like their help with. They should be happy to have you come in and chat.

  3. Go to the professional’s office or shop with the printed documents. Bring the product with you, but do not expect to get it implanted that day. The best you can expect would be to hand over the document for the professional to review (at a later time), and have a short discussion about what it is you want implanted and why. If you’re very lucky, they will be ok with it and you’ll get an implant done that day.

  4. Plan to visit multiple professionals until you find one willing to perform the procedure.

  5. If we can help in any way, let the professional know we’re available for free phone consulting and advanced Q&A, just contact us via the website and we’ll set up a call with them.

  6. If a local professional is willing to perform the install for you, please let us know who they are by using our contact form, post to this forum, or ping us on Facebook. We’d love to get their information so we can see if they are interested in becoming a partner and listing them on our partner map!