Heal time before climbing with Titan

I’m going climbing in Yosemite in October, but I just paid for my Titan, would that be enough heal time? About 1.5 months. Or does it have to wait until after? Also, I’m not 100% sure if my Denver installer does Titans, someone seemed to allude that they did there’s, but it wasn’t clear. Is this something I can email/call and ask if they’d be willing, or do I need to setup a consultation and talk to them about it then for better chances of them saying yes. They already do flexies, but I’m not sure about Titan

2 months would be better but 1.5 should be workable

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Should I set up a consultation, or do you think I can try and ask if they are willing to do a Titan install over the phone. I just don’t want to mess up my chances of them saying yes

DT recommends going there in person. It’s easier to sound like a lunatic in an email :sweat_smile:

Also thats awesome, I 've been there once and I wish I had the time to climb :star_struck:

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Yeah definitely schedule an in person consult… That’s the best chance of getting a yes. Bring any printouts or information you can that explains what the product is and possibly examples of other people having it installed… forum posts… bring it in print if you can so that you can leave it with them and they can review it easily.

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Sounds good, will do, thanks!

I’m so excited haha, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the US


A couple install videos have helped in my experience.