Implant Installer Sydney Australia


     I contacted the Sydney partner from the Dangerous Things website and they advised they don't install implants and to speak to their owner. I rang the owner of the piercing shop and he does not live in Sydney and may visit and be available at the end of November.

Does anyone know of any shops in Sydney that can install a Vivokey Apex Flex ?


Is this the one you tried?


Stone Heart Body Art
(02) 80950100


Joeltron is the owner who the shop asked me to contact. He lives in another state.

He comes highly reccomended, so worth the wait or travel.

Alternatively, you could try approaching some
local ones (In Person)

Will try local, if not will wait for Joeltron. Seemed like a nice down to earth person.
Just not keen waiting but better to get it done by an experienced person.

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