Questions about the FlexM1

After getting my first implant at Def Con, I’m looking at getting my second, a flexM1. I have a few questions:

  1. Install location. Yes, I know you can put it anywhere your installer is comfortable with it, but what my installer may be comfortable with and what is a darn good idea may be two different things, so I want to make sure that my desired location is prudent as well as possible. I am considering the back of the hand behind the knuckle of my middle finger. Pros/cons/other suggestions?

  2. Why is the FlexMT less expensive than the FlexM1? Is it because that the MT is not (to my understanding) insertable?

Thanks! Joe


200w (1)

I have a FlexM1 in #R1

I personally find it very convenient and usable. but anywhere on the back of the hand should be viable if you can comfortably present it to a reader.

I can’t answer that question sorry.

The FlexMT is a big sucker, I had one, but never implanted it because I felt it would take up too much real-estate on my hand, and why I went to the FlexM1 instead.

You gues could be valid, because it would be more difficult to find an installer for the FlexMT, plus the install cost I expect woukd be higher so it may offset that also :man_shrugging:

I think your next decision is gen1a or gen2.

Of you were to ask, MOST people would suggest the gen1a I personally have a gen2. and would just reccomend whichever suits your purposes.

What the fuck is gen1a and gen2 I hear you ask…
Well here you go

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flexMT is priced lower because it’s so rarely sold that I forgot to update the price hahah. This just in… flexMT prices are going up! Damn inflation.

For real though we might not make any more after these are gone. It’s a big chunk of polymer and prices for that have gone way way up. It’s kinda not worth making anymore because the process is so inefficient.

…So order RIGHT NOW is what you are saying… :smiley:

I would, but I’m trying to confirm an installer. :frowning:

Where are you located, the community MIGHT be able to point you in the right direction.

Oh, if you are wondering, the read range was AMAZING.
I mean, the FlexM1 is really good, but FlexMT is like a full sized card.

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Well someone ordered. We don’t even have them in inventory so I’m making one tonight. For now I have decided not to put any more in stock on the website. Whoever got in did so right under the wire :slight_smile:


Spring Hill, FL. Closest installer on the Partners page is in Orlando and has not responded to my email asking about price and availability to do the install.

Gen1a! No way I want a gen2 to get locked inside me,. :slight_smile:

Looks like I will be going with the Flex M1. Personally, I think I prefer that. I’m more comfortable with an injectable than being filleted. :slight_smile: Just gotta secure an installer and let my left hand heal.

Great decision, you won’t regret it.

From my experience and as a non American, I don’t recall seeing too many installers or implanted from Florida.
NOT NONE, just not many.
Also not knowing the finer details of state cultures, Is Florida similar to other southern states, with regards to being god fearing conservative

@JustAGlitch and @ikea may have an idea.

Ikea went to Alabama though

@ThexTallxDude but we haven’t seen him in a while. I think he is Tampa.

give this a go also.

Here’s some info you can provide them

Good luck.
let us know how you go

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Florida is a curious mix of god-fearing conservatives and ultra-hip liberals - mostly depends on which area of the State you’re in.

So of the various professionals that can safely do the implantation, which are typically the “best bets”? I.E. which are most likely to agree, have the most relevant training, do the best work, etc? I would imagine body piercers, but am prepared to be wrong.

I have no idea, but if you go somewhere in Florida please let me know who if your installer is comfortable with that, as I’m looking for options for installers here

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Hey, I still exist, my bad. I dropped into mostly the discord side awhile ago. I know I’m necro-ing the thread, sorry. I am Tampa-based, as well as is my installer. There’s also Leo in Orlando, but I dunno if he’s still doing work.


If you can connect me with your Tampa installer, that would be great.


Tampa contact would be nice to know