X Series Magnetic Implant

What is the best place to place an axial implant, using only self-installation. More specifically, I’m interested in a place on the arm where there is an ideal balance between sensitivity and safety.

You won’t get much sensitivity on the arm and even less with an xG3 sadly.
If a Titan is not an option for you then an axial xG3 between the thumb and the index gives some sensitivity. I have one there and I can feel the stronger fields like microwaves with it. It’s much much less than a titan but it works.

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There isn’t alot of safety for self-installers without medical training in anesthetic procedures and other piercing practices.

Have you checked the Partners Map for installers near you?

You can also ask piercers in your area, this guide helps.

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Yes, I looked at the map of partners, it is not an option, as they are on the other side of the country. And there’s no normal piercers around.

Do you have a friend nurse or someone with some medical training? In any case, have someone you trust with you when self installing for safety but also to give you a hand.

I don’t know anyone with a medical degree. I am at the stage of finding people who can help. So far I’ve only found a couple of people I know who I can trust, as it turns out most of my environment is either crooked, sloppy, or afraid of blood. About crookedness - this is more of a fact than an insult, well, just how can you dirty the whole kitchen trying to open one walnut, and then almost drop the refrigerator

@Az_F Excuse me for being off-topic, but if I send an implant to Thailand, will the person who takes it have problems or is the implant treated favorably there?

You don’t want that while poking your arm :joy: I did my first one with a friend and he was more scared than me but was actually very helpful when he gave me a sip of orange juice mid implantation. Sugar helps a lot with the dizziness. (That said it was scalpel and finger, needles are much easier)

I don’t know much about the laws in Thailand but I doubt they’re illegal. Do you mean issues at the customs or for being implanted? Both are probably fine

Customs. Thanks for help)

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The implant itself is just a tiny thing that nobody knows what it is. Send it with some other stuff and nobody will notice it. The injection needle on the other hand could draw attention so there’s a non-zero risk if you’re sending the needle too.

Okay, I’ll try to find someone who has tried to get a chip in Thailand. It’s just the most adequate way to get an implant

Another thing I noticed. If I choose shipping to Thailand, there is no shipping discount :frowning:

cart if needed

There’s a shipping discount only for European countries as we have to pay VAT when stuff from outside the EU is imported.

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