Questions about installation for a x series implant for a teen

I first approached my family about this when I was roughly your age. They continued to shoot it down until I was 18, when I got a NeXT with their (concerned) blessing. The two things that ended up helping were saying that it was my body, and therefore my choice (which only really worked because by the time I played that card I was 18) and that what I wanted was essentially the same thing we had put in our cats and dog.


This right here. Keep explaining the technology, what it does, what it doesn’t do, and how it works. The big hurdle for my family was explaining that no, the Government/Bezos/Whoever won’t be able to keep constant tabs on me using this thing, and instead using it as a substitute for a tool I already was using.


As for a use case, I just moved, and my parents have been pushing me to make more friends at my new school. I could tell them that I would put a contact card on it, so it would be easy to make friends that last longer than 1 conversation and you never see them again.

Website doesn’t work, just so you know

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A question: why not use a NFC card to start off with? You can buy plenty on Amazon (I’d recommend an NTAG216 card, as that’s what’s in the NeXT). How often do you use it? How useful is it? These will be good data points for you to present to your parents.


Here are the reference as promised, great for you, your parents and installer

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

How to approach a professional DT Info

This is a good video

there is one more video I would like to dig out…give me a bit


That would be just one use case, it would also be for the garage door and maybe eventually a door lock

The actual statutes.

It should probably have been http instead of https. I’ll go back and check and modify it.

Linked above are the state statutes for body piercing which lists the acceptable materials (glass is not included) and the requirements for minors.

I checked the Dangerous Things Installer list and neither of the Florida ones have working websites.

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You totaly could do that and it would be a conversation starter for sure, just remember, it can be polarising.


I’d also toss out this one. It was super helpful when just starting out. There’s also a video of @amal doing 3 installs in Europe, but I can’t find it right now.


I’ve fixed the first URL.

Can I suggest starting with a ring instead? It doesn’t require implanting but is waterproof, easy to wear pretty much all the time, and the Magic/T5577 ring provides slightly more functionality than the NeXT.

This still has a lot of the cool factor, would be easier to get the parents accepting of it, and will meet your use case. If it’s any help I have no implants yet and I use a dual frequency ring almost all the time. I haven’t yet switched over to the Magic ring but I do have one.


Is this it?


IT IS! Thanks for finding it :smiley:


Don’t Mifare 1k cards refuse to be natively read on iOS devices? I only know of NTAG cards that can be (at least) background read. If @JustAGlitch wants to use it for a business card, going the way of something with an NTAG Card in it might be a little better.

If I was going to get a ring I would just get a 50 cent non biocompatible flex tag and sew it into my watch band (hard to describe but would be almost invisible sandwiched between the 2 layers). Part of the whole point though is 1 the cool factor, ngl, and 2 not having to wear anything and the convenience of getting a next once and never having to worry about it. I wear contacts right now, since I’m too young for lasik or anything (and it looks gross af (but I guess that night be how my parents see an implant)), but I guess that is kinda similar to this. Either put in contacts or glasses every day or do something once and it’s more convenient in the long run.

No idea, I only use Android… Sorry.

Well, I wear glasses (I have to be careful with contacts as I tend to get peripheral injection with them).

However, unlike my watch I leave both of my rings on all the time. So I don’t forget them. (Wedding ring and dual frequency).

So it says 16 unless parents are present, which they would be.

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Scroll down to the list of materials they can use for piercings… Gold, silver,… No glass.

Then do that, and let us know how it goes!

I agree that it’s incredibly cool. I went in for access control that ultimately did not pan out. I also wear glasses and have no plans to have LASIK in the future, even though it would be more convenient in the long run. That said, I also had an NFC ring before I got an implant (though it was not made by DT and was fairly horrible quality. Never buy rings on Aliexpress.), and had RFID cards to play around with before that. All told, I think idea to execution took two, maybe three years. Try non-implant cards. See what works and what doesn’t before jumping in with sticking implants in you.