r/RoastMe -- attempt at documenting my experience after getting implants

Timestamps available :slight_smile:

If you’re a RFID implant veteran, you’re probably gonna be offended by the dumbed down way I explain things in this video, so maybe you should skip this one. It is a ‘From newbies to newbies’ video.

I will not be responsible should any physiological distress arise.

What’s up everyone!

A few months ago, I decided to get RFID implants. Before that however, I remember having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around all the different types of implants, and finding all the information I needed to even get started purely from reading forums.

I know how much I hate having to register onto five different forums whenever I come across something niche and having to wait hours or even days before someone is willing to spend the time to read your post as well as write a detailed response worded for a newbie.

A video is also usually the most efficient way to get large amounts of information across, so I figured I’d do my part and make a video about my first implant experience, as well as how I started using them.

Hope you enjoy!

PS. In the best interest of not overselling this, I’ll keep it short.
If you guys think the video is worthy of some attention, please consider liking the video and sharing the YouTube link directly! I’ve recently decided to make videos on various topics, and would greatly appreciate the traffic on the channel :slight_smile: Thank you!


This is an excellent video. Thanks so much for putting it together! Definitely bookmarking that.

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Great video, this is going to be really useful to the community and people interested in implants. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

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Great video! There were a couple of errors in the Proxmark section but nothing that is going to cause people big problems.

  • Changing the COM3 in that batch file to another COM port does nothing except change the help text. The flashing tool tries to auto detect the port, that line is just instructions on how to manually launch it from the command line and force a port if you have issues.

  • Your GoGet card isn’t a T5577, its an EM410x - The T5577 can just emulate EM410x cards so it is compatible. The moment it said Valid EM410x ID Found, that’s your sign its compatible. t5577 detect would have never worked, and config just shows the setting your PM is attempting to use to communicate with a t5577 (makes no impact unless you’re reading an actual T5577)

  • pm3-flash-all vs pm3-flash-fullimage - this is a per platform discussion. The RRG offical stance for the Mac Homebrew version is to use pm3-flash-all, which I’ve always done successfully, I’d say just follow the command in your particular environments setup instructions and you’d be good. If in doubt, fullimage is safer though.

This video is a really great getting started on the whole though, I imagine it’ll be linked to a lot of users on this forum with beginner questions!


You can probably blame me for this one :joy: - after trading my PM3 for his not working one, I pretty much said once it’s got the newest bootloader, the fullimage one is safer / don’t bother with all and the slight risk of another brick.


I’m happy to give you your 10th like, which should give you a “nice topic” badge.

Great video, well documented.

Yeah there were a couple of things that could be tweaked/ changed, but, for an intro to implants, it was really good, and yes, it will be linked to.

No roasting sorry, just a good ol’ fashioned
“Good on ya’ mate”
from across the ditch
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What the hell, dude. So lame. What a n00b. Terrible waste of time! Everyone else has commented on how good it is, I’ll give you the roasting you don’t deserve. Well done.


omg Thank you so much guys. did not expect this reaction - I was about to dig a hole for myself and die of embarrassment right after I posted.

One thing I noticed when I was first looking at implants was the gap between nerds/pros/implant veterans and complete newbies. Honestly, I love this tech, and would love to see more people embrace it, but I think a lot of people are put off by the sheer amount of information they had to piece together and read through before getting started.

It may be a bit of a reach, but Steve Jobs once said in an interview you’ve got to start with the user experience. You can’t develop new tech, and find ways to sell it after.

I just wanted to do my part and make it easier for other mere mortals like me to understand RFID implants. (Years ago I had actually attended but never finished film school, so I figured I’d put what little knowledge I had in media creation to good use)

Thank you again for the kind comments, there are more projects and videos coming!


Solidly put together video with an amusing ending. It would be neat to have a car service like that in the Dallas area.

can see you haven’t been lurking enough here then. :wink:

I love being positively surprised by how supportive is this forum!

also, great vid!
Well done!!

oh, wait… if your objective was to get roast… then you failed hard, sorry! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Dude wants a roast, I’d buy him a coffee for that vid…


I really haven’t… you may have noticed I’ve got two posts then pretty much went MIA to plan this video.

Thank you :smiley:
I guess I’ll stop being modest for 30 seconds and say it took me probably 3 days to edit - i was so nervous talking to the camera, and had to cut out every little “uhh ummm hmm you know so you know andddd uhh anyway”

a sub will suffice :wink:

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Hey man, this was really well put together! Nice job! I look forward to see what else you come out with:)


Thank you!
I think the next logical step is just a simple showcase on how to use these implants with a door access control system.
Simple smart locks won’t make for a very interesting video, so I’m planning to get one of those multi-door TCP/IP kits. That way I can learn how to wire everything up and document the process too.

Sadly that will have to wait until I get to the UK before I have my own place to do DIY work in.
Stay tuned for that, I guess!

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I look forward to watching more of what you put out. For a video that long it sure was easy watching!