Implanters Near Tampa Bay?

I’ve been looking forward to getting an NExT injectable for some time and have a few projects planned to take full advantage of it. Yet, the last few body-mod professionals did not seem to want to take on the responsibility of an implant like this even after following the guide.

Does anyone happen to know any good options near the Tampa Bay area by any chance? I’ll continue my search, but I’d appreciate any input. Thanks!

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Florida seems to be to be very sparce with installers, and also implantees.

There are only a handful i can think of.

You may need to travel further afield

There is one in Orlando, Dungeon Tattoos, according to the Community Biohacking Map (whose genesis has been discussed in this thread).


Following as well. Haven’t found anything decent within the Tampa area. I could always do Orlando but there must be something closer.

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I recently had my xSIID implant installed at Dungeon. Can only say good things about the experience.

Was a bit of a hike for me as well, but definitely worth it.

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This was my thinking as well. Seeing others’ replies on Dungeon Tattoos seems like it might be worth the distance.