Need some help! i want to get an nfc implant

hi im fairly new to this ive been following biohacking for a while now, but i was thinking its about time that i got an implant.

as the topic says i want to get an implant in my hand but i dont know where to get it done, can i just go to a local tatooo parlour and ask them to help me or should i be looking for people that are in my area that are trusted within the comunity? if so where can i look of said people.

Check out the partner map on DT’s site:

You might be able to find someone on the map, if there’s no one close, you could approach a tattoo or piercing shop.


Thanks, i was looking at the map a few days ago but the person that was 1 hour away from me moved away so its ether self implant (i dont trust my self enough to do that) or find someone that can, ill take a look arroud my area call a few people and ask the piercing shops. wont go to a tattoo place if it not recomended.


Do you know what implant you want?
Do you have a specific use for it?
Do you need a hand to decide?

We normally recommend going in person, so of thats a possibility, you may have better luck.

Not NOT reccomended.
Tattoo artists and Piercers tend to hang around each other, the artists may know Piercers.

Also What City are you in? there may be some community members with some local knowledge.

nfc is near feild comunication, i know it wont work for payments sadly haha, maybe in the feture someone will find a way. as for my use case, mainly i want it to be able to unlock my pc, maybe have some fun by writing a few urls to it to mess with my friends ya know just shits and giggles really.

Might have better luck if you print out the documentation in the post I shared and bring it into the shops instead of calling.

Edit: What Pilgrim said

cool, thanks for letting me know, i think the guy i had my tattoo from also dose body peirsings so ill give him a call and ask what he can do. (hopefully he can.)