Recommended London installers

I have reached out on your behalf to 2 people, I’ll let you know how it goes


Thanks a lot, and no worries if it takes a while! By soon, really I meant in the next few months would be nice.


This person gets it. :laughing:


8 hours, apparently. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the heads up!!

Always happy to help!
Although I’m currently in Norway and up to my neck in commitments. (hence why I’ve vanished from here again)

And the other person you mentioned, @Pilgrimsmaster, if I’m correct is also abroad and without good internet access.
I might be wrong, tho.

Despite that, UK law is cracking a lot in it and any installation procedure in a 15 yo would be seen as “very illegal”, which makes me skeptical you would find someone… or at least someone willing to publicly
agree to that (since they might find themselves on the wrong side of the law with that).

Would you have your guardians full consent and support, @The_Techy, or is this more of a “they wouldn’t mind much” situation?


Given the recent nullos scandal i wouldnt be surprised that most installers are moving away from body mods (or anything with remote resemblance to a bodymod. Being london based myself i reached out to quite a few piercers even at studios I’ve had tattoos done at and there was a resounding no. Thus had no option but to go with a ksec installer, (interskin) which i know you said already turned you away. Given your age it will be an issue to get implantes. This tech isnt regulated so there is much more risk and onus on the installers.

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The piercing studios refusal of doing implants in the UK now has more to do with cases such as “Dr Evil”'s.

The Nullos arrests were based on the fact they streamed the events and had a cult formation. None of the medical professionals involved in any Nullo action had been prosecuted in the UK.

Technically, if you hold a medical license you’re allowed to install implants the customer wants, or even remove bodyparts without fear of prosecution.

But piercers usually do not hold medical licenses, which means for any procedure that’s not done solely with a needle, they’re operating in a gray area.

Thus adding more “shady” things to it means more risk. Hence why they often refuse performing installations on people they do not know.

Hi! Sorry for taking so long to reply, was travelling all of yesterday.

So, I was looking around online, and I couldn’t find anything at all in regards to implants and UK laws. In what way have they been cracking down on it? I’m surprised it’d be illegal, given piercings have no age limit, and an implant is pretty close (kind of).

I actually haven’t talked to my parents about it yet…I was kind of hoping to have someone willing to install it sorted out before, since I think that would help my argument. My parents are generally pretty lenient with letting me do stuff, but I definitely feel I have a better chance if I can explain everything. I’ve already done loads of reading on all the tech etc, this was kind of the last thing I wanted to get ready. However, I’m fairly confident if they did agree they’d give full consent and support.

Also, you mentioned

Does that mean I may be able to go approach someone with a medical license and have them do it without issue? Not sure exactly who I’d ask, or how I’d go about it (I do know DT has some stuff to help explain it though), but do you think that could be a good, legal option?

And finally

Aren’t x-series installs solely done with a needle? I mean, it’s a big one, but do they not count as needles?


I think you’re in a catch 22 situation.

If you were to have your parents support/ permission I think it wouod be easier (not easy) to find somebody to install for you.

this may help

heres a great one if you missed it

Here’s kinda a dumbed down version

keep doing your research and have ALL the answers yiur parents will have, Make sure you do it well, maybe even practise / rehearse the answers; It might just be a “one shot” sort of thing, after that, it may just become pestering and more annoying to your parents.

How conservative are they? i.e. how would they feel about an experienced piercer, with facial tattoos and piercings etc vs a medical practitioner?

I do have a feeling though, once you have their permission, you may just find your installer…

I’ll let Eyeux answer your remaining questions


I’ll talk to them soon about it (I know I said the same thing on my post here last year, but this time I won’t forget). Hopefully if they do agree I can find someone.

Thanks for all these resources! Already taken a look at some, but some were new to me too.

Definitely going to do all this, don’t want to mess it up, since as you mention this is almost certainly just one try, then chances go down dramatically from there.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really know. They aren’t very conservative, but they may still think a medical practitioner is the better choice. I’d have to discuss it with them though.

Don’t worry.

I’m curremtly with a little bit of time, so can try to reply now.

First and foremost, @Pilgrimsmaster already covered the biggest part, so I’ll focus on two bits for now and can provide better responses once I,m no longer replying from festival grounds… XD

  1. the less intuitive bit:

Piercings actually do have an age limit.
it’s illegal to perform any procedure into another individual’s body without their consent unless to save it’s life (and even that is a gray area).
Legally minors are unnable to provide consent. as to what we lower that bar, there must be clear precedents, but even then it’s anothey gray quagmire.

so how to get a minor to provide consent? via parents or legal Guardians…

but now immagine I have a studio, you come in withyour mom and she says its ok. then I pierce you and for any reason it gets infected (aka lack of aftercare. not the piercers fault)…

if your mom decides its my fault she can still sue me and I could literally end up in Jail.

I know it sounds illogical, but then, to answer this bit:

quote=“The_Techy, post:9, topic:19497”]
In what way have they been cracking down on it?

As long as there was consent, it was not illegal for any professional to perform wtf the consenting party asked for…
So a piercer named “Dr Evil” performed a tongue splitting procedure on a random dude…
that dude did not took good care of it and it infected.

thats all normal, but… an influent politician saw that, took personal offense and decided he wanted the piercer in jail.

so they raided the piercing studio and found a box of expired needle cartridges. So they used that, plus a bunch of other minor violations, to bully the piercer in and he’s now in jail.

that’s because performing anything that’s not explicitly “a perforation for holding of a jewelry”, is not a piercing, so it falls into a grayarea…

after that a bunch of other extremist council schmucks decided to intensify inspections and press bogus charges on a bunch of other studios around the UK.

So all of that oppened up some dangerous precedents and at the moment all it needs is one unhappy customer from any “nonstandard piercing procedure” to complain to one overzealous councillor and the studio might be shut down and the piercer arrested.

give or take. I tried to keep it simplified and gave some lazy examples… :stuck_out_tongue:


this android interface is terrible so I needed to split my reply…

This bit is the most important.

A real example might fit better than me trying to blab about it:

I used to work in a shop in Brazil where it’s illegal to pierce anyone under 18, even with their parents written consent.
That law is stupid, therefore it never stopped me. but… I didn’t want my shop to close, neither wanted to end up in jail.
so I would only open exceptions to people I tusted enough.

i.e. an aalternative parent coming to the shop and arguing in favour of their 15yo to get a piercing… yeah, I would do it.
a 15yo walking in dragging a normie weekend dad just to say it was ok… I would refuse. Too much pointless risk.

the same happens today.
So you might need to earn an installers trust first. and trust not only in you, but that your parents won’t flipthe fuck out.


Thanks for your detailed reply! Didn’t know about all that stuff with them cracking down on it. I’m surprised you couldn’t get someone to sign a waiver or something absolving you of any responsibility though so you couldn’t get sued.

Definitely going to try and get my parents full consent and support for it if they agree so that hopefully I can find someone. Thank you for all the advice!


That’s exactly the problem.

It used to be like that, until an overzealous politician got their panties on a twist and decided to go above the law to arrest a Piercer because he thought that was immoral. And managed to do it.

So that oppened a dangerous precedent where waivers no longer protect us.

I think the statement was something along the lines of “no human being can consent to that kind of harm”, so signing a waiver makes no real difference… I know that directly after the decision, several BDSM people in the UK were seriously worried. Dunno if it spread to that community as well, but it’s really terrible. Kinda hilarious, but not in the funny way…

edit: @Eyeux , since you’re surely a bit more up to date about all that - is Dr. Evil out of jail again? Tried to find some news, but I didn’t find anything post-2019, and they said that it was a 40 month sentence… so it should be over by now, I think?

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Yes. and that opens precedent for the government to decide when they think any individual “shouldn’t have consented to that”.

Technically that opens the road for atrocities such as what the Italian government is perpetrating with removing parents names from the childs birth certificate.

alas, I digress into politics and this is a transhumanist forum, so I’ll shut my yap. :stuck_out_tongue:

afaik he’s still in jail.
the sentence would expire at the first half of next year, which means he should be out by now since murderers and the likes usually only stay in jail for about half their time…

But again, Dr has the special interest of politicians, so he’ll be treated harshly than people who actually commited crimes (that really boils my blood)

it hasn’t spilled outside of the bodymid scene… yet… but I kinda want it to. maybe then they wake a beast that shakes this country back into the great open and permissive state it has been in the past! (or preferably, much better)

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This is the perfect opposite of bodily autonomy - a government deciding what I can do to my body. It’s just terrible. And they judge by their own stupid standards… wasn’t it UK women who made it to the news for getting their pinky toes removed to better fit into high heels? Not judging that, but that was okay while removing your ears isn’t? Argh.

The Italian government is doing a bunch of strange things right now… history fucking repeats itself.

Yeah, that was kinda what I hoped for as well - usually, if you behave well in prison, you get out earlier. This works for murderers, rapists and such, but probably not for people who helped others look in a way that makes them happy.

Maybe you’re right, at least the agenda would be bigger that way. But I’m afraid it would be too small, still… (and it would still be the “freaks”)
What about people that voluntarily get injured because they do things like playing football or rugby? Boxing? It’s all consensual harm, I guess… :thinking: :wink:

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Indeed. it takes Nanny state to a whole other layer.
It’s borderline Jimmy Savile State!

In UK the young: Queer, Neurodivergent, PoC, Sex Workers, Fetish, Feminist, etc… scenes are all intertwinned. for better or worse. So there might reach a critical mass…

Alas, I would reply to each word in your post (as usual), but trying not to digress into politics too much :sweat_smile:


Hows this :point_up: all going?

Hey! Sorry for taking so long to reply. Spoke to them, and unfortunately it was a very quick no. Pretty much heard I wanted to put something in my hand and decided there and then. I thought they’d be a little more lenient, but alas.

Guess I’m going to have to wait a few years :frowning: . Thanks for all the help though.

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not great news, but at least you tried;
And you know where we are when you are ready to get stabby stabbed