xG3 advice needed

So essentially, I self implanted the NExT a few weeks back and had no problems. I then decided to get the xG3 magnet and enlisted my roommate to help me install it into my finger. Unfortunately, the magnet didn’t take and had to be removed. My question here is, what can I do next? Is it reasonable to contact local piercers to see if they could do it? If so, how should I prepare for it?

Please have the magnet re-sterilized before attempting to have it implanted again.

I believe DT will do it for you if you want:

Here’s a guide for approaching potential installers:

Also check the partner map to see if there’s a known installer near you:


Are there any ways I could sterilize it without having to send to DT? $45 is a bit steep for me right now.

If you find a piercing professional they may be able to help you or offer advice, but being a magnet makes it a bit more complicated as I believe the high temperatures from autoclaving can damage the “magnet-ness”

I’m not sure what other options are available, someone else may pitch in here though

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Try and do everthing possible through a piercer

EO Gas would be best

clean and soak in 5% Chlorohex (i think :thinking: ) for 48 hours
agitate occasionally

likely more easily accessible, would be clean and soak in 70% IPA for 48 hours
agitate occasionally


Oh, another failed Finger install. Is anyone counting them?


What went wrong? Not enough space or just an issue with the procedure?


the “old way” of preparing a magnet for installation is for the professional to simply soak it in antiseptic solution overnight.


I have a picture of the moment we realized that it was a loss. I don’t blame him, I blame my ego. I did the first install solo with no pain management so I got cocky on this install. No pain management in a finger install should sum it up, but basically I couldnt relax my finger enough for it to stay in.

Bring out the elastic bands and ice cubes like the good old days :joy::ice_cube::ice_cube: