Flex device re-processing service now available!

For various reasons, sometimes people need to remove their implants, but they want to keep them and eventually reinstall them. For x-series, any professional piercer can autoclave it and install it with a piercing needle. However, for flex devices this is more complicated because you cannot autoclave a flex device. So now we are offering flex device re-processing as a service.

As part of the service, we will;

  • Inspect your flex for possible damage from the removal process
  • Clean and re-sterilize your flex device in our H2O2 gas plasma sterilization chamber
  • If it is a narrow flex device (8mm wide or less) we will include a new sterile custom needle and a sachet of needle lubrication gel.

If you send your flex device to us in some sort of rigid protective container, we will inspect it to ensure it hasn’t been damaged during the removal process. Then we will run it through our new gas plasma sterilizer and ship it back to you with a new sterilized needle as well.


That’s good to know. Great service

Would this be available for Titans too?

At some point I’m going to need to pull and relocate mine. Definitely don’t want to autoclave a magnet.


Same, I’m not pleased with the placement of my xG3 and want to move it.


An amazing service! The amount of time and money I have put into cleaning things… It never ends! Does this include 3rd party/custom items?

As I understand it, it’s currently only offered for recleaning Dangerous Things Flex style implants.

I’m hoping we can extend it to Dangerous Things magnetic implants.

I can’t speak for Amal, but I’d kind of doubt that they can get into cleaning items they didn’t originally make. It’d be to easy to dive down a liability who-dunnit lawyer hole if anything were to go amiss. Just my 2cents. Not an official anything.

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I’ll be changing this up and offering a generic inspection/ sterilization service I think.


I’d probably make sure to clarify NOT to autoclave the xg3s in the


should call the service RE:Flex


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I got puns. So you all must suffer them!!