"Illegal"? to be Implanted at State College, Pennsylvania, no but difficult to find someone who will install it

Well, there is this further down:

(o) “Needle” means a sharp, pointed implement used for the purpose of tattooing, cosmetic tattooing or body piercing. The term “needle” does not include any implements or objects altered to be used as needles.

While a scalpel wouldn’t fit your standard definition of a needle, I suspect it would fit the description of a “sharp, pointed implement” closely enough that it may hold up in court.


Pff, that’s not a needle, that’s just a bit of medical tubing sharpened and altered to be used as a needle


This might not be helpful but I had my second implant chip done by a friend who worked as a veterinary tech. It was completely off the books and we did it at her place but she knew how to do it / be clean etc and it turned out fine. When I showed her the needle and explained it she was like “oh! This is just like chipping a dog!” :rofl: anyway I know not everyone has a friend like that and it would still have been illegal wherever you are probably but installing chips is largely the same for dogs and people apparently


So today I went to every piercing shop in town and they all said the same thing, that they couldn’t and it’s illegal.

So I did some side quests, leveled up, and put some more points into “cool” and it opened up a new line of dialogue when I spoke to the ripperdoc directly. At first he was kinda hesitant, but I showed him my other implants and he was like oh man ok, here take my number, we can set something up outside the shop. :slight_smile:

Now it’s time to order an xMagic and get upgraded!


+5 Charisma


Not sure about a short text, but the pro guide to xseries install pdf is linked in this post. Also, Amal has some videos on YT that show the install process. And the install vid/pic topic has some videos too.

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they wouldn’t even though it’s perfectly legal. there. fixed it.

honestly this irritates me so much. if it were me i would print out all the laws and bring them in with me (along with the guide) and ask them to have their legal council review, because my legal council said it’s not prohibited by the laws of State College, PA or the State of PA. As a professional you’re free to deny services, but it appears to be perfectly legal, so maybe stop saying that… but that’s me.


Oh I’m not doubting you or trying to challenge you, just reporting back what they all said, which to me is crazy too.

Would you like me to change the title of this thread so it’s more accurate?

I’m just glad I found a solution here!

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oh no i know that… i’m irritated by people just copping out and saying “it’s illegal” when they clearly don’t have any basis for saying that. then again, i was told by my own lawyer that selling lidocain without a prescription was illegal, but i challenged them on that and i was right… it’s not illegal to sell it, only illegal to practice medicine by injecting it into another person.

naa leave it be :slight_smile:

me too :slight_smile:


xMagic ordered, a DT shirt, and the Proxmark!

Ha, I changed the title anyways.

Hack the Planet!!!


Hey just to save you a post next week. Wait two to three weeks before trying to read and write that LF side of the XMagic. Swelling impacts the reading


I wanted to get some input and opinions what you guys thought about placement for the xMagic. I’m thinking in the 1 position. I have the NExT in the 0 position and the Apex Flex in the 4 position. I don’t think it will be too close because the NExT kinda goes around the side when I make a fist and yes the Apex has larger antennas, but I haven’t been able to get a read that close on it. I think it will be fine and an optimal position, but I just wanted to hear the wisdom of the crowd before proceeding.

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I live in Thurston County Washington -Pretty close to DT home base, I too was told during my searches for installers that body modification is illegal in this county. Oddly all the places I went to still do all types of piercing including the subdermal “posts,” but whatevs. I’ve done all 3 of my own implants so far and I don’t find it easy or fun to do. That said, I’ve had no real issues -I’ve just been very careful about cleanliness before during and after the install. I do find the 3mm units more difficult and I’ve been sitting on an xmagic for quite some time while I try to psych myself up to do the thing (this is kind of normal for me). The greater problem is the Xbt I’ve got. I really don’t feel comfortable trying to do that myself, and I’m not sure what to do. I will have had it for year next month just waiting to figure out how to get that thing under my skin and I totally do want a temp sensing chip. Best of luck, I hope something works out for you.


Why do I get the feeling this is common? Or they just don’t know anything about the implants and don’t want to admit it.

Hey wassssssup? I just saw this now and glad it sounds like you got something worked out. If not, I was going to suggest if you can make it about an hour back east of State College, there’s a piercer in I think Montgomery that did 2 injectable implants for someone I know that used to live in Central PA. He’s not on the map, but was still willing to do it. Funny thing is I just got done talking about DT implants and their capabilities and where to get them done at the Wilkes-Barre Defcon meetup tonight :wink:


Yes mate, I’ve done tests around this.

No problems

I have
NExT - P0 R
FlexM1 P1 R
Zero Issues

xMagic P0 L
Apex in P1 L
Zero Issues

So you will have no problem with the xMagic in the P1 position

What do you have in the P0 of the other hand?


Nothing, but I kinda want all 3 in one hand and nothing on the other. So on my left side of my body I carry my phone and flipper zero, smartwatch with a pipboy skin, and want all of those 3 implants on the left, so left side is tech side. On my right side I have my multitool with a bunch of common bits, keychain full of gadgets and universal keys, flashlight, blacklight flashlight, laserpointer, pen, knife, so right side is gadget/utility side.

I think after I get this one that hand will be “full” and I can wait for future tech to come out and start implanting the right later.

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kinda cool utilitarian mindset.

I would consider how you have to orient your hand to present the chip.

for instance. tape something to your hand and look how you have to maneuvar your hand to line it up with the thing that it needs to be scanned by. Also note it takes quite a bit of practice to learn how to properly orient it to get a good scan. you may change your midn when you see yourself squaring up with a card reader just to get in.

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Feel free to share here

@Decomas as for the “prohibition” thing, just to be sure: you are 18 or above, right?