Walletmor - some questions

Just two questions.
The advertising from walletmor ist 9 years for the implement if I remember correctly. What is the exact time till the implant expire?
Does the implant works in Germany? Any experience from the community?

Just get a vimpay converted, has better read range too.

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Yes, it works in germany.

Mine is one on the new batches and it expires 05/29 but it will be later if you order it later. here in the netherlands mastercard isnt accepted everywhere so its a bit flakey. But for the rest no issues.

Ok that are 7y. That’s great. Wasn‘t there a 9y option?

Hi folks,

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask these questions, please let me know if it isn’t.
I’m not from the body modification(cyborg?) community but rather from the tech community so some of these questions might seem stupid and noobish but any help is appreciated.

My walletmor implant just got shipped and I couldn’t be more excited! What-a-time-to-be-alive!

Implant placement:
I read that knifes edge is not recommended anymore. But is there a location that is recommended? Or does any place on the hand work? I’d definitely prefer anywhere on the hand over arm.

There’s a list of recommended partners on the walletmor website to do the implant in the EU, unfortunately I am not in the EU right now, so i can’t go to any of these.
I did find a partner for installations on dangerousthings.com that is relatively close to where i am, it still requires me to fly though.
Can I just go to any body piercer in my city (given I check with them first) or should i go to the one listed on DT? Or is the installation by one of the partners listed on walletmor.com strictly recommend?

After installation:
As flying might be required, is there any issue with flying right after the installation?
I also go scuba diving and wakeboarding regularly, is there anything i should be aware of with regards to this, e.g. not go diving for some time after installation?

As mentioned, any help is appreciated!



These may help

How to approach a professional DT Info

Here is a VERY informative FAQ about x-Series implants, some of which is covered below. But it is recommend you read these FAQs.
There are piercing partners but if there is none near you any body piercer should be able to implant this for you.

A doctor, nurse or medic would be able to but they will likely take more convincing…

A self or assisted install is possible,
The following links that will make this very clear that it is easy to do

read https://dangerousthings.com/wp-content/uploads/Introduction-to-Implantable-Transponders-for-Professionals.pdf ?

read https://dangerousthings.com/wp-content/uploads/Professional-Guide-to-2x12mm-transponder-installation.pdf ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

After Care

As long as you have used good aseptic techniques during the installation process, the healing should take care of its self with minimal maintenance.
x-Series a simple hydrocolloid plaster for the first 48hrs or so, then leave it open to heal naturally; adhering to standard hygiene practices :soap:

Flex Should be very similar to the x-Series, if using the Dangerous Things 4G piercing needle and steristrips however, the plaster should be left on longer, and further considerations if stitches/ sutures were used.

Post installation, the body will begin to encapsulate the tag with fibrous collagen tissue. To help this process along, you can take pre-natal vitamins, which has collagen and keratin boosting properties helping build collagen and connective tissues.

Also a little common sense wouldn’t go astray…
no weight lifting :weight_lifting_man: /rock climbing :person_climbing: /shooting :gun: /superhero-ing :man_superhero:

As far as flying goes, there should be no issue

Diving, again, no issue, just clean your install site afterwards. A normal immune system should protect you against waterbourne nasties during your diving…unless of course you are a comerricial diver, maitaining sewer lines etc.

Wakeboarding, you might want to take it easy with gripping etc

Probably best to discuss with your installer, but some common places are #1-4

keep us in the loop with how you go

good luck, and any more questions, fire away

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It might be helpful to take a look at what the studio offers - the walletmor is a flex-style implant, so depending on how your piercer works, it might require scalpelwork / dermal elevators / stitches. It is definitely a bit more complicated than a “normal” piercing. If your studio offers subdermal implants or other more “exotic” bodymods, they will a) know what to do and b) have all the tools they feel comfortable with, so I’d look for studios that offer such things and not just basic piercings.
Still, even “normal” piercers might very well be able to install the walletmor, I just think chances for a positive reaction might be higher when you ask the bodymodders :wink:


Yep. Best possibility is with heavy body modding studios. If you find reputable studio doing things like tongue splits, they will likely be way more open to scalpel installs than piercing studios overall.


Thank you so much, this is super helpful!

I have connected with the DT listed piercer/body modder in Kuala Lumpur.
They seem open to it.

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Probably a bit off-topic, but I’ve noticed a price increase on Walletmor. If I remember correctly it used to be 200$ and now it’s 300$, is there any reason for the price increase?

Edit: Nevermind I think I misread.

i see it as 200 still

US is 100$ more

I wonder does the extra 100 include all import customs charges and taxes

I got my Walletmor chip implanted 10 days ago and it works smooth as it should for payments.
My Piercer mentioned that I can read and write onto it with NFC tools to add more functionalities, but to my understanding the folks at Walletmor are of a different view (and i haven’t found much above on the topic).
Does anyone have experience - can it be written on to add further functionalities?
What other functionalities are possible without writing onto the chip (doors?)?
cheers for your help!

You can’t write anything to Walletmor. It’s not open for making any changes.

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Could you register the UID with a compatible system?


If the system supports that you can enroll it

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Thanks Amal for the quick reply!

@mrln So if I have a door that can read the UID, I can hook it up?
Is there an overview over supported standards that work with walletmor’s chip?

Not really, It’s kind of a suck and see…But you would likely be looking for a Basic HF UID lock.

You can check out the compatibility matrix, and find other HF implants with 7 Byte UIDs Like the NExT implant , xDF2, FlexDF2, FlexDF, FlexNT etc…

This doesn’t guarentee that it will work, but will at least increase your chances