Walletmor - some questions

The Walletmor announcement landed today, but you can’t reply to it.

1 - Have the physical specs for this been published anywhere yet (specifically the dimensions), they’re not documented anywhere on the Walletmor site.

2 - Recommended placement is along the edge of the hand above the little finger?

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1 - its the standard wedge shape 8mm one end 7mm the other and 32mm long

2 - it appears so either that or the top of the hand judging by the imagery they use. Great ting about this format of flex it can go almost anywhere.

@amal could you please clarify the use of the term sterilized on the Walletmor FAQ page? There has been some discussion in the past regarding chlorohexidine suggesting that it’s sanitized, rather than sterilized.

I look forward to seeing what Walletmor gets up to, and hopefully one day, those of us not in Europe will also have better options for payment implants!


I am Italian but I don’t understand if this system can work in Italy for me and the payments

Hey there, I am assuming you have seen this post?

Will the Walletmor payment implant work with my bank?

For details on which banks the Walletmor payment implant works with and how to link it, check out walletmor.com/page/faq or send a message to [email protected]

Walletmor is based in Poland :poland:
However Italy :it: is included on the list.
To me, it looks like all you have to do is:-

Contact - Get account - Get implant - Get paying with your hand :raised_hand: :credit_card:

If you are unsure, I think your best bet is to contact Walletmor directly. via the contact details above.

Alternatively, They have a contact page with other options and some social media links at the bottom.


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Yes I have already contacted wallet more today, but I am not convinced that I have to open a new bank account, so I cannot use the account I already have

I will be waiting for more detailed information from @amal

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What list? I see no list of banks ot countries on that page. Just generic information and some marketing rah-rah.

Oh hehe ok, you inferred it from that sentence. The way you said it, I thought there was an actual list on their site.

Yeah, well, you know, its the Internet, if it doesnt exist, just make shit up.
People will believe anything if it’s on the interwebs…:wink:

I assume the economic part has something to do with banking through the EU, plus that’s the link Amal provided. :earth_africa:
So yes, you are correct, inferred list, rather than actual list :+1:

Walletmor still have a few holes to fill in their web presence.


That’s the understatement of the week :slight_smile: So many pages, so little content.

I expect it’ll be completed with actual, useful information and less boilerplate marketing stuff after Jan 1st.

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Dev is correct…

Yes this will be chlorhexidine sanitation, not clinical sterilization.

In theory Italy is part of the EEA

So the question comes down to which exact banks will be supported at launch, and this is a question for Wojtek. I have asked him to update the walletmor.com/page/faq page with this information… it should be updated soon.


Then please, for heaven’s sake, get the part in the FAQ removed where it clearly states that the implant is completely sterile! This is just calling out for trouble…
And I think, this implant might be very important for the future of payment implants, because it’s kinda the first one that might gain a lot of publicity - if it goes wrong because of such claims, it might have a serious impact on plans to follow…

Also… since there is a bigger (?) and at least more “mainstreamy-looking” company behind that (compared to the risk-aware and experimental DT stuff), wouldn’t it be a good idea to get those implants properly sterilized? I’m really baffled that those hair transplantation surgeons agreed to implant non-sterile stuff… I mean, my bodmod artist did, because I clearly told him I knew about the risks and was willing to take them (and he knew me well enough to take that serious), but since the homepage of Walletmore is clearly directed at non-bodmod-people who will definitely not be aware of all possible risks… I think it is dangerous. Not in a good way :wink:


I don’t think you have to open a new Bank Account. I contacted Walletmor and they said you will link it to an iCard Account. So if I understand it correctly, Walletmor is essentially like the Payment conversion where you choose a laks keyfob and link it to an iCard Account. With the benefit that the minimum expiry date is 3 years (according to walletmor support). Whereas with the laks-iCard conversion the expiry date is 2 years (according to both laks and iCard support)

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Since it will be linked to an iCard account (according to the information I recieved) and one can make an italian iCard account I would assume it will work

Yes, I understood this too, but I would like to know after the expiry of the card, if it is necessary to change the system or it can be associated again without replacing it

Wasn’t iCard promising longer expiry dates? I’d rather have a 9yr PAY.

Before knowing of Walletmor I contacted iCard and asked if one would have to replace the laks keyfob entirely, and they said yes. So if it works the same ways you would have to take out the chip after the expiry date, I assume…

Somewhere on this forum, I have read this too but I contacted iCard and Laks (who manufacture the chips for them) and they said that it is only two years…

In reading Amals post, it reads to me like he is the backend of this.

I guess the way I am looking at it is, Amal makes the things, walletmore sells them.

You should email them if there are issues. I agree the wording sucks.