Installer in East Tennessee?

Hey, I finally bought the NExT chip and really look forward to having it installed and to find fun and useful ways to use it. My issue so far is that no-one (so far) is remotely willing to perform the install. My only options are to drive about 4 hours to Nashville or another state, or to wait a year until the knoxville tattoo convention and try my luck there. I did the “boots on the ground” technique and went in for many consultations and printed off the literature and explained the whole thing but they keep telling me “No”.

I understand if they dont feel comfortable doing it due to lack of experience, but they just say “we dont do that here” or “cant do that in Tennessee, its illegal here”… none of them can name the law that makes it illegal, one said they cant use any tools(injectors) or install anything that they didnt source themselves because its illegal, the rest just say its againts the law. The best I could find was that using a scalpel to make an incision is legally a medical procedure, but thats not even in Tennessee, and I explain that theres no incisions, no scalpel, just the pre loaded and sterilized injector.

I just wish there was a knowledgeable and experienced piercer this side of TN that I could meet with, any info you guys have is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Got my install by Kevin Stewart at Evolutionary Studios in Hendersonville, just outside Nashville. Dude’s a pro, and the shop is a super clean clinical setting. I can’t recommend him enough.

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Thank you for the reply, but that is still a 200 mile drive for me just for an install. But I will keep them in mind if my options dont pan out.

I’ve actually heavily studied the Tennessee body modification laws including speaking to doctors, artist themselves, the health department in my county and of course reading the written laws. There is absolutely nothing that prevents a certified piercer or tattoo artist from using an injector, scalpel is a different story though.
As always your best bet is to approach a professional but as you’ve said you have done that to no avail I recommend if you happen to know anyone who is in the medical field. Friend who’s a nurse? Family friend who’s a doctor? Maybe even asking your GP? Given the proper documentation and knowing proper sterile procedure they may be able to assist.

I’d also recommend talking with Kevin. He’s very willing to share any knowledge he has. He did not do my installation in the end, but we had a lengthy phone conversation. Due to my placement, he straight-up recommended a doctor. I respect the dude for that. He’s not going to take chances with you or your health. In hindsight, I think he might have been a little overprotective, but the guy lays it out just like it is. That’s the kind of advice I wanted him to give. He’ll always be a pro in my book. I plan to stop in and meet him on my next trip through TN and hopefully get some additional tattoo work done. His advice was free too. You can’t go wrong with Kevin.

I had trouble finding someone else in the southeast. Most freely talked, and some were not interested in the Flex. Some expressed interest but were not undertaking installations at that time. In the end, I went to Dallas for mine, which is nearly 900 miles one way.

I saw Pineapple at . He went with a scalpel and elevators. It went as well as expected, and I’d say way better. I drove home and worked the following week. No complaints, though I fully intend on a plane flight the next time. I’ve logged near 9000 driving miles (long distance) this year and that’s it for a while. All of that was in an EV mind you.

I have already talked with Pineapple about my next installation in early to mid-2023. I can’t recommend him enough. The trip was a little more costly than I initially hoped for, but I am so pleased with him, his shop, and his constant communication that the cost of the trip is now irrelevant. I will only see Pineapple after my experience.

Don’t rule out the possibility of a doctor. I talked with one in detail. However, I did not want to wait on his availability. In the end it all worked out and Pineapple rules. :pineapple: Best of luck in your search.

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Kevin rocks.

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Thank you all for the replies, I have found one piercer who has taken the printouts to read them and research the whole implant idea, but she might still say no, she was polite and honest enough to tell me she wasnt sure/confident enough since she had never done anything like it before, which I totally understand. If she does say no then I will try my GP, and if thats is also a no, then looks like Kevin will get a call and ill have a road trip. Thanks again.

If she would like to have a discussion over the phone or zoom I’d be happy to.

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I printed out both the documents with all your info and gave them to her, she said she wanted to do research and look up some videos. Hopefully she does contact you, but if she does end up doing my implant, ill ask her to submit herself to be a partner, she would have a 200 mile radius being the only official installer. But depends on if she does it and wants that

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