Impact of implant transplantation on adolescents

I don’t speak English, so please excuse the awkwardness of using a translator.
My name is Junseop Whang, a 6th grader (12 years old) living in Korea.
I already have a FIDO2 key, but there were more than 3 times when I forgot it and couldn’t log in to my account or get access to it. I also need a security key that supports PGP for file encryption, etc.
While browsing the internet, I came across DANGEROUS THING’s implant and thought it was quite interesting.
I wanted to use the security key from VIVOKEY, but spark 2 does not support fido2mabpgp, so I want to implant apex flex in my arm.
However, I have a concern. bark body is not fully grown and is still in a growth phase, so I would like to know how likely this is to cause problems in the future.
2.I watched this video and it looks like the needle is pretty thick and has to go in deep, will it hurt a lot?
3.Professional Installation Partners - Dangerous Things As you can see here, we don’t have an official partner in Korea, so I’m looking to have the procedure done by a surgeon in Korea based on this article How to approach a professional, but it only talks about the X-Series and doesn’t have any guides for other flaxes.
Is it possible to get a guide for this?

Thank you very much for reading this long post,.

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Finding someone willing to implant an Apex Flex into someone your age is likely going to be a problem to begin with.

You de need an Apex Flex for what you want to do with the implant.

Also, aren’t NFC locks super common in Korea?

The reason I chose APEX PLEX is not just for NFC locks, it’s for FIDO2 and PGP for two-factor authentication, encryption keys, and crypto wallets.
But it’s so common that my house is over 10 years old and still supports NFC and uses NFC cards for the front door and security system.
2.I think so too, from the doctor’s point of view, why would they do this procedure if it’s not worth the money, it’s not proven safe, and there’s a lot of liability if something goes wrong? But I really need the implant (I’m very forgetful and don’t carry things around very well, especially security keys, and I sometimes forget my house password).
So I’m really worried about what to do…
3. This is an additional question and a request. Is there anyone out there who trusts cryptocurrency and will buy APEX FLEX for me? I’m a teenager, so I don’t have a VISA card or anything like that, and even though I’m old enough to sign up, there’s a limit of 30,000 won (about $25) per day, so there’s no way I can buy it through the normal route…(I can’t use my parents’ card).

If anyone has implanted one of these flux type chips, can you tell me how painful it is?

I’m thinking of posting in the Korean community to see if anyone has an installation guide.

Pictures from my install: Install Videos and Pictures 🩸 - #269 by StarGate01 . No anesthesia, pain was ok. During the process not as bad as a beestring, afterwards a bit of annoying pain but it calmed down after a few days.

Flex install guide: , Professional Flex Install Guide?

However, consider that your arm will still grow as you get older and things will shift around. Also, you will have a hard time finding an installer willing to operate on minors, especially if your parents don’t consent.


You might have more luck going with a plastic surgeon. Especially since Korea has so many and that they will work on minors.
I would advise to wait a bit before deciding. I can’t imagine deciding that at 12! But in reality, probably better off than a tattoo at 12! You are also a 12 year old that seems to understand cryptographic key hardware, so you already have a leg up on me!!
This isn’t medical advice, please make sure you do your own research in your own country!
Good luck!
The only other person I know of in South East Asia is @RyuuzakiJulio
Maybe they have ideas?

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You could ask amal, if he accepts crypto currency’s for this transaction.

DT did that in the past but at some point ended the crypto purchase support.

If you can’t find any other way of payment I could do the cc payment for you.

But first you should find an installer and then purchase the implant.


25$ per day? In like 16 days you could pay it all from your card.

Thank you. I’m sure this product is dangerous enough, and I’m probably the first time this has been implanted in a young person like me (especially an elementary school student). I’m going to have this implanted after full consultation with a specialist. My forearms are thinner than most people my age, so I doubt this will be possible, but this is something I need. I have about 3-4 TB full of stuff that is very important to me (my coding competition code (I have a copy on GitHub), photos, diaries (note files), blueprints, etc). However, my NAS hard recently broke down and all my data was lost, but it’s too expensive to use a backup disk, Google Drive is also expensive, and I don’t trust the Chinese government to use something like terabox. So I thought, if I encrypted these files and split them into about 50 pieces and compressed them into 3 pieces each in about 25 reverse engineering companies, wouldn’t it cost no money (if I use something like 5GB free storage), have good stability, and not need a security gap? But… Soon this led to a terrible disaster: the hard of my newly built Nasu crashed again! (I’m broke and only have a hard disk for my dad’s old PC), but I horribly forgot the smartcard with the encryption on it, and so another date was blown. I also lost about $100 once when I forgot my mnemonic phrase in my crypto wallet, and since I also encrypted my daily with a smartcard, all my daily history just became trash. This happened about 3 times. In conclusion, I don’t trust my brain, which has done enough mental and financial damage to me, and I want to protect my security and my data by using an implanted smartcard that I can never forget. If this works out well, I have every intention of implanting the Next Chip as well.

The point here is that my mom is very much against this plan and hates the whole idea of encrypting and hiding data, so I’m lucky she didn’t take my VeraCrypt-encrypted SSD. I also tried 1password, but my mom found my emergency recovery kit and blew up my account.
Bottom line, I don’t have a card!

I really feel this statement on a personal level :smiley:

You might want to look into the plausible deniability features of VeraCrypt (VeraCrypt - Free Open source disk encryption with strong security for the Paranoid)


Of course, we’re using hidden volumes. But that’s a pitfall because it doesn’t prevent the data from being deleted when the partition is deleted. I’m all about security, but I’m also all about maintenance, so I’m going to and go to a surgeon near my house with this PDF, an introductory guide, and a Google Translate for the PDF. Of course, there’s a 99% chance that I’ll get rejected. To be honest, I think this is a really crazy thing to do, but that’s why it’s worth a try, right? I’m not sure how someone like me who freaks out at the thought of getting a flu shot will be able to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway, because I’m the kind of person that once I bite, I don’t let go :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the hardware-labeled PLP for a couple of years now and have been impressed. When I used VERACRYPT to encrypt the entire disk without partitioning, the firmware threw an error and wouldn’t boot. I emailed them and they sent me a patch 3 days later, so I’m still using it :slight_smile:

It’s kind of like a flu shot, nothing more, nothing less? I’m kind of worried because I’m a little bit of a wimp.

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I won’t lie, it does hut more than a flu shot, especially afterwards. My installer was already very experienced doing this kind of installation, so the procedure was very quick and not very painful. Adrenaline also helped to mask the pain. Honestly the days immediately after were when I had the most pain, but that faded too.

I don’t know the laws regarding anesthesia (especially on minors) in your country, you might want to talk to your installer about that if you are worried about the pain, depending on your tolerance.

I didn’t realize it because I’m not a dollar person, but this is $500,000? That’s 5 months of pocket money, even though I get almost the most in my class. Even I only have $30. Check this out… Moreover, I have to write a record every time I spend my pocket money, so… This seems to be the biggest problem with money…?0

I hate to chime in just to give bad news, but if you’re worried about the cost of the implant, then the cost of the procedure to put it in would be an even bigger worry. I doubt any good surgeon would do such a thing for free. Not to mention it would almost certainly require parent/guardian consent. If your mother does not like crypto and data encryption, then it seems unlikely to me that she would approve of an implant.

With that in mind, it may be easier to get something like a wristband or ring (like the Apex Ring) to use instead. It would be a lot cheaper and also easier to acquire and use at your age than an implant.


Maybe Google translate did the age differently but those do not look like 12yr old hands.

I would focus on the installer first, if you find someone comfortable doing the install then I’d nice forward. Just my opinion though.

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Age is indeed calculated differently in Korea.