Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

Likewise. I put my Titan in by hand, my purewrist by hand and the surgeon put my flexEM in by hand.

Here is a dog for scale. :rofl:


My 3th implant video


Second implant install was a success! This time a red xSIID. I gotta say, the needle for this one was a lot less scary then the larger xM1 needle.

Also much thanks to @invalid_signal for hooking me up and holding the camera!


VivoKey Apex Install


Flex install


Am I seeing the 3rd picture right with the implant flexing really hard? Or is that a lube making it look weird?


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Yes, it is just lube. The installer was careful to not bend the implant at all.

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That’s way cleaner removal that I expected when opening the video :ok_hand:

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Did you get it replaced with another one?

Nah. I have my CoM conversion on the way, but it’s bigger so I wanted to give this pocket time to heal. I’m not sure if I’m even gonna reuse the same spot though. The initial install was dodgy

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I will say this about the debate that professionals have regarding placing something in an old pocket… i.e. a swap-out… vs waiting for the removal to heal and then putting something there in the same place later. I can for sure say that if you remove something and let it heal, there is going to be a ton of scar tissue there. Placing something in the same place at a later time is going to be very difficult and likely always have some sort of deformation or something that looks like swelling because of all the scar tissue that has developed and will be added to with the installation of a new device in that location. This is what has happened to my Apex Mega install on my left arm. It went into the same place my apex prototype was, which has been removed and fully healed, then the Mega was installed into the same area. I don’t think it will ever look smooth again. Time will tell.


I concur,
When I removed my custom payment, I would have waited to remove it to do a swap, but I wasnt happy with the placement, so I let it heal, and I will put a FlexDF2 alongside the old position. I can see a little scarring still there, but more importantly I can feel the scar tissue (¿ 8 months later?)

I have another flex in my forearm that I plan to remove, But I will wait to remove this until I have decided what will replace it so I can do the swap.

In my opinion, this is the most logical approach.

One visit to piercer.
Open up, remove old, insert new, heal wound, the only scarring will be the point of entry/extraction which won’t affect the readability.

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Here is my installation video.
xSIID on left hand and xEM on right hand.
Any comments? =)

I would say I’m getting consistent reads on my left hand even with the bandage… Maybe I could just try to write on it or maybe better to wait for 2 weeks?


Definitely better to wait. Getting consistent reads is awesome but it would be terrible to risk a corruption on the write.


Another satisfied Pineapple customer!
He did an awesome job at explaining what he was doing, and it didn’t really hurt, mainly just an uncomfortable feeling. Definitely glad I read everyone’s reviews on Pineapple. I now have a flexMT :smiley:


dude does great work


Can confirm. I’ve been to him twice and each time was excellent. All around cool dude to chat with too.

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