Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

Just wanted to create a little lounge thread for everyone to share their install videos and pictures, I always like seeing the different methods and results of them (and I’m reposting mine from a few months ago - accidentally deleted them off YouTube)
Here’s mine to start


Nice idea! Though I’m slightly nervous about cross-contamination on a self install, considering you touch quite a lot of things (or rather, surfaces) with a non-gloved hand… but I guess that’s hard to avoid on a self-install :wink:
I don’t take videos from my bodmod-experiences (would distract me too much), but here’s a picture of a freshly installed flexNExT:


Aqui teniu el meu primer autoimplant la setmana pasada un Next, air vaig posar-me un Xled i va ser mes net, salut, veureu que ho poso per darrera em va semblar mes comode, un dia despres estaba fantastic al segon video loggin windows.


Video of my Spark 2 implantation. (Sorry for bad quality for some reason it doesn’t stick well when sent over text)

Finally got around to editing the video of my xM1 install now that Uni has finished for the semester :smiley:


Very nice! I can’t quite make out its position, is that in R4?
You’re lucky it was only a mifare classic (I presume), my ID is a DesFire EV1 :frowning:

Lucky, I still got 2 weeks left here :cry:

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Yep, its resting in the valley between the 4th and 5th metacarpals of my right hand

Very lucky indeed, the cards are classic 4k cards, but the last 3k is all zeros. I did a trial run with a 1k test card before I made the purchase.


Yeah I’m planning to buy a PM3 easy when they’re back in stock plus some test cards, but I already know that DESFire have not been broken. Guess I’m just gonna get one for the coolness factor (any) / blinkies (xSIID)

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It’s a great bit of gear.
My plan if it wasn’t a mifare classic was to chum up with one of the security guards and try to get a new implant enrolled in the system. Luckily I got the easy way out haha


Yeah THIS :arrow_heading_up:

that is what I would be doing @DonFire

If you can get a buddied up, you could grab yourself a FlexDF and get enrolled.
Incase you weren’t aware, OR anybody else reading this, the EV2 CAN be backward compatible, so you MIGHT have another couple of options available

have you worked out what your access system is “looking” for? is it just ISO14443A and 4byte ID
Worth a try if you haven’t already. :man_shrugging:
You might be able to get away with an x or FlexM1.
Maybe another few options for you (if you can get implants enrolled, NexT etc)
Do you have a MF Classic “magic” test card?

A test card bundle might be good for all of this , and possible future testing.

Oh, @static_void nice work on the video :+1: you have set the bar pretty high.


I think this is easier, to show it on my homepage


Flex Series


For those that have payment implants, mind sharing stories of reactions from cashiers?
(Sorry if off topic, I watched @JennyMcLane s demo and thought of this )

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I wish :frowning:. The people who first programmed my ID are part of student services, and not exactly people I can get close to. The joys of going to the larget uni in Queensland.

Since its DESFire, there’s only so much I can see without knowing the keys, but yes: there are three applets on it, so I think it is not just UID. I do potentially have access to a reader which I can sniff (out of the way workshop) but with the mutual auth I don’t think that’s gonna go very well.

Saying that, no I have not tried a magic card, I was looking at that bundle but saw the PM3 came with a selection of cards (is a magic card included?)

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Should do, Mine came with 1 x T5577 and 1 x S50

Geez, really starting to derail here

In fairness, most of my payments are done at self-serve check-outs.
Although I did get this reaction at one. ( I just re-read it, Where I said Checkout operator, They were actually the person that overlooked the 12 Self-service checkouts)
Harassment for being a cyborg?

The “manned” ones I pretty much just get:- ( in order of frequency - Paraphrased)
A double look
How did you do that?
Hey that’s cool! Do you have a card under your skin?

Hiding the derailment

Interesting, I’m surprised more people dont even comment or question it…

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I think opening a seperate topic would be better - soon more people will have it :slight_smile:


so last week i got my 2 magnet inplants so here is the instal video :slight_smile: enjoy


Here it is about 1,5h after self install.

Still numb/tingeling from the lidocaine.

Hoping thats not because of cut nerves xd

Edit: Everything feels fine.

The Black stuff is just ink.

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