Looking to get a chip to make payments

Hi guys, dose anyone have any info on how I can get a chip to make payments with.
Apparently u can get them in the EU. I’m in the UK, if I go get one in the EU, would it work if I came back to the UK?
Any advice would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

Please see Making payments with an implant - FAQs - Dangerous Things Forum

More specifically this page lists the countries it is available in.

Though not sure how brexit affected that.

Awsome! That looks really cool.
Lol u don’t happen to know if they let u order them to your home do u?
I don’t feel like paying someone 50+ for a simple procedure I can do myself.

I would not call that procedure simple.

click me for details

Of obviously depends on your knowledge and experience. It can be easy for someone who has experience with sterile fields and working with tools and skin.

A flexie requires a lot of skill and knowledge.

Its also a decision that will affect you for many years, you want it to sit spot on.

My first self installed flexie is not sitting well and causes issues sometimes. That can be avoided when a professional installer just does the job. 50-200$ isn’t much when its about something in your body that has to sit in a good spot.

Have you seen the flex needle procedure?
Custom 5mm flex needle - YouTube
If done wrong there is a high infection risk, you can nick big blood vessels, you can have a shock, sudden loss of blood pressure, pass out - that can be dangerous AF while having a 5mm needle in your body.

So please

Don’t say its an easy procedure.

Also yes, they send it to whatever adress that you tell them afaik.


Oh shit, I just watched the video. Are the walletmor chips like that one?

I was expecting ones like Dangerous Things normally sells, that u can inject.
Haha yeah that’s so much bigger, and looks like quite a bit more of a fiddly precidure.

Yea, the walletmor chips are in that formfactor.

Hmm, that’s annoying.
Why can’t they just do normal chips like everyone els

That are “normal Felx chips” like dangerousthings makes them since some time.

You wont be able to find glass payment chips since their range isnt great and 99% of the payment terminals are just not working with small glass chips (some do but it would be really annoying to fiddle around for a few minutes until you get a read)

Ahh ok, that makes sense.
I’ll ask my piecer friend how much he might charge.
U don’t happen to have any more resources on the precidure do u?
For him or me.

The best is to search the forum or look on youtube.
But the video i sent before is the best one imo since its short and spot on.

the most important thing is that your installer uses no tools on the chip because that will compromise the coating and therefore destroy it.

i searched the forum for you

there are many more, its really worth it to browse the forum.


Those are very helpful, thanks!
Also, girl!! Two in one! Impressive.
Haha I wonder how hard this community skews toward transppl.
I mean we usually already have experience, and a DIY mentality, from hormones:D.

Ok, the dangers and placement, I was thinking the outside edge of my forearm, just before the wrist.
Doesn’t look like there’s many veins there.

And u were saying about placement. What issues dose that give?

I’d imagin you’d want it in the skin layer ideally right?
I have quite thin skin, is it ok if u get it completely under the skin layer?

Just be careful with the outside edge of the forearm, near the wrist. I put in IV’s at work all the time and when looking for a fat vein I usually go:

  1. cubital fossa (crook of the elbow).
  2. back of the hand.
  3. outside edge of the forearm, just before the wrist.


Good to know, would u recommend the back of the arm then?

It’s probably a better option, BUT:

  • I’m new to the implant scene and not an expert.

  • I’ve installed a grand total of 1 flex implant and it was a self implant into the R3 space.

  • There are risks involved with any implant and you should seek expert advice on what these are and make your own informed decision on what you are comfortable with.

There are many people on this forum who have far more experience than me in this area, I’d suggest you keep asking questions and look for a professional installer if you aren’t comfortable shoving a large piece of metal under your skin.

If the backs of both my hands had flexes, would it be possible to use an alternative site for an IV if needed?

Great question. I was actually thinking about this last night as my flex is right next to a large juicy vein.

I came to the conclusion that if the vein is obvious you could access it but if someone misses there is a strong chance they could damage your implant.

There are always other options available, it’s just that some people have hard to find veins. Usually IV’s and blood tests can be taken from the ante-cubital fossa vein on the inner elbow. I think it is just one of those things where you have to let people know not to poke around in the back of your hand and they can find another spot.

In critical care situations looking for a vein takes too long anyway and I go straight for the bone drill😁

If you are unconscious at the time then damaging your implant is probably the least of your worries so you should have time to discuss options with your care provider.


I always worry about a situation in the ER where you can’t tell them you have an implant because you’re unconscious. I have no idea what a flex feels like when palpating though, I would hope whoever is gaining IV access would feel that implant and avoid it…