Waited over a week

Thats decent but I’d insert them my self no biggy… you with digital and crowder wack?

Right on they’ve emailed me several times but no tracking! I got no problem baking patient just let me know!

@IsraelSerbian247 Hey buddy, can you stop multiposting and creating new threads, it really wont help the US postal service do their job faster.

One of your posts was flagged because you had personal info ( address and another with phone number ) in it, and one of the community members is just keeping your privacy safe.
Also your New Thread was deleted because its asking the same question.

Unfortunately you are just going you have to wait mate.

But in the mean-time, do you have any questions on the tech or how to use it?

What’s up with the vivo community and what are the up grades long and I apologize!

Yeah but unfortunately I don’t even have a tracking number. Which I believe is why isn’t even confirmed how long are the confirmation numbers

There is also a Vivokey Forum, that you need a vivokey product to get access, and the Spark being such a product.
Regarding upgrades:
Vivokey have a new product line that is being worked on/ soon to be released called APEX, that uses a new chip that has new fuctionality. So we are all very excited to get these when they are available.

More info here

No stress mate, We are also keen for you to get your implant and we want to watch your journey from Norm-borg to Cyborg.

Feel free to post your install pictures

and ask any more questions you need help with.
This is a great resource to get you started

If you ordered over a week ago, and dont have a tracking number, that is pretty unusual.

Have you checked your spam or junk folders?
Correct email address?
Are you certain your payment went through?
Have you checked credit card details etc.?

You should get an order confirmation email, THEN a 2nd email when it is sent with the tracking number.

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I am from Russia, and when I ordered an implant, I waited for the package for almost a month!
I was very worried, but my implant and its kit arrived safe and sound! On delivery, I think all questions ONLY to postal services, and delivery services.

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Ingot my shipment I got the vivo key in…

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So how do I launch an application with it

well first you need to have it installed, have you found anyone near where you live who is able to install x-series implants?

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I think this is what this means buddy

Therefore you deserve a gif

giphy (2)

Download the Vivokey App

Just be aware, you may have swelling / inflammation in the area that may make it difficult to read.

You might need to wait upto another 2 weeks.

Bad news, I know, waiting is not your strong suite :wink:

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seeing as 10 hours ago the package had not even arrived and they were looking for shipping information/tracking numbers, I’m willing to bet they didn’t mean “got it in” as in they got it installed, but that they figuratively literally got it in [the mail]


Yeah fair call, I re-read it after I posted it and thought that also a possibility.

Or it just showed up, since it’s been over a week, which is unusual, with the tracking info in junk email.

It’s sounds like he is mighty keen to have the implant, so maybe a self or assisted install.


Oh hey me too =) feel free to hit me up sometime


Sad to hear about your situation.

I ordered one bound somewhere to asia and they used DHL.

It is somewhere in china now and way ahead of schedule.

I also had a few days of delayed shipping due to one of their staff’s personal affairs; she has regretfully apologized and without me initatiating, have refunded my shipping fee as a sign of goodwill for the delayed pickup due to her “being in a situation beyond her control” ​resulting to a few days delay on their part.

I must say, with such gesture i am looking forward to getting 5 more implants from them at the wake of my first installation. Quite a good team Amal has assembled out there

Looking forward to hearing from you soon when you get to have your package

Update: glad to know you got yours :grin:


Yup next is for a xsiid led blue with promarx accessory value psck

Because Michelle is fucken amazing, that’s why.
The best customer service person I have ever dealt with…EVER

you’re the best-est

Amal, you’re not bad either :wink:


Michelle is amazing!


Yeah was hesistant to mention her for privacy but didnt know everyone knows her anyway. Hahaha michelle is the best