Excited to get a new implant!

I’m in the SF Bay area. I found a couple of places in San Jose on the map that I’m reaching out to first but I’ll expand the search after that.

That’s far too many, please only do 2 installs and send me the rest.


:rofl: I am planning on breaking them up into to installations. xSIID, NExT, and one xG3 in the first trip and the VivoKey Spark and the other xG3 the second trip. I want to give the first batch some time to settle into their home before trying to place more.

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I have an appointment for Thursday next week!! I’m waffling between nerves and excitement! I’m going to take my wife and try to get her to video the installs.

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In my experience, more or less installs doesn’t change much… just potentially less time hurting and cheaper if you do them in one go


and once you start using them

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The two concerns that I have are 1) I want to get two implants at position L0 and I’m worried that doing them both at once might be a bad idea if they move around after. 2) I want to get an xG3 in the pads of my middle finger and thumb and I’m worried about them pulling on each other. This might sound dumb but it’s just kinda how my mind works, LOL! I think splitting them up would be easier mentally mostly.

crazy, well I am certainly jealous- the anticipation leading up to my first DT implant was tremendous.

I got my first for Christmas 2020 and now I’m up to 12, plus the titan when batch two arrives:)

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2 implants in same position is something I haven’t done , so that’s a fair consideration

Magnet in one finger and a chip in another,
Haven’t done that… but it took a while before my magnet would stick to anything… and x series are already just barely magnetic… that is guess is fine but your game plan :slight_smile:

I can totally feel the excitement and anticipation, this was the one year anniversary of the eve of my first install last year! :slight_smile: I totally felt the same way, I will experience it again soon when the Apex is released, hehehehehe!!! :wink:

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Happy penetration birthday



Well, less than 24 hours anyway. I just have to try to sleep and make it through work! I think I’m going to have them do the xG3 I the pad of my middle finger first since I expect that to be pretty painful. Then the other two in L0 and R0 should be nothing.

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That sounds like that will be more difficult than the installations themselves…

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Who’s doing the install for you if you don’t mind me asking? I’m still looking for someone in California to install my Titan when it arrives. Maybe if they do x series installs they’d be able to install my Titan? I’ve reached out to a few body modders in CA and they either don’t do magnet implants, or they’ll only install magnets that they sell.


I wonder how the conversation of, “those aren’t exactly safe” would go/change their stance

I’m going to Body Exotic in San Jose. He said he’ll only do the x series implants. Nothing with scalpel work or sutures.

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That’s what I figured :sweat:. I have one last body modder to ask that was suggested to me but I can’t find any way to contact them.

You never know who knows who you want to know, ya know…

If you can share their name/ business etc. Somebody here may know how to contact them

I just talked to Pokt Piercing in San Jose and she said she does them but is currently out of medical supplies so it’ll be a bit of a wait. She’s pretty responsive on Instagram @poktpiercing

Best of luck to you! I self installed (not recommended) a xG3 V1 in my middle finger, but it wasn’t too painful in my experience. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your experience if you’ll share them with us.

Edit: Not recommended refers to the self install not the location.

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