Harassment for being a cyborg?

People can be all shades of insensitive when they react on the spur of the moment, even when they don’t mean to be.

Here’s a funny story: in my previous job, I managed a team of engineers. The members of my team were quite young, and I often offered them simple life and career advice tidbits, which they seemed to appreciate.

One day, one of them caught an extremely rare bug that was misdiagnosed for a long time because it was so rare. He ended up in the ICU for weeks, and eventually was left with a heavy disability - deaf in one ear, blind in one eye and a facial paralysis, a real bummer at 26 years old.

When he came out of intensive care, I visited him at the hospital. As we were chatting about his future, and the progress of his recovery, he started to get quite emotional and misty-eyed, and he told me:

− You know what? I probably won’t return to work, so I don’t know if we’ll see much of each other again soon. But there’s something I really wanted to tell you while I have the chance.
− Yeah? What’s that?
− Well, if it wasn’t for you, I’d never be where I’m at today.

Taken aback, I said:

− W…Wait, what? Are you saying I sent you to the hospital??
− No! No! I mean, with all the things you said to me over the years, I have a different outlook on life and I manage to cope. If it wasn’t for you, I might have killed myself already.

And we both burst out laughing, which frankly came as a relief :slight_smile:

Easy to say the wrong thing, even if you don’t mean to.


Taking the posts from tiktok :slight_smile:
80% religious fanatics
10% write, that they wouldn’t to this
10 % like it, more information ir where to get it.

I’ve heard another great one today after paying: “Oh no, we’ve gotten that far”.
I know I know, no harassment, but I’ll continue posting non-positive reactions here!


I made this design for the Biohack.me store and wear it all the time! I’m actually amazed I haven’t gotten anything yet! I’ll drop the link below if you want.

That one has the blue one, but I’m in the process of moving to teespring


this Shirt in black :slight_smile:

A friend designed a cool shirt for me, and about a year later Patrick asked me, if it is possible to add it to his store :slight_smile:

Intresting was , I love to wear this shirt in Vienna - no one is talking to me ( begging for me or some religious people who are standing in the streets finding new members…

I was not harassed, nor would I call them a fanatic, but the other day at a check out I paid with my payment implant.

I got the comment,

"Oh, so it is ACTUALLY happening :interrobang: "

For clarity, New Zealand is not a particularly religious country
in fact:-

New Zealand’s 2001 census. New Zealand had the highest per capita population of reported Jedi in the world that year, with 1.5% marking “Jedi” as their religion.
and No religion (48.5%), so that is half of the country accounted for.

However the checkout operator was Filipino, so I was not surprised, because, if you weren’t aware, in the Philippines, 99% follow a religion of some kind, 90% of which is Christian based.(80% Roman Catholic)

The rest of the conversation went thusly:

Me with a puzzled look :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but knowing full well what was coming :smirk:
“The bible says that the people will receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads”

Right hand :raised_hand: :white_check_mark:

I said “Oh that is interesting”

“and you can pay with it…”

I said “Yes I can, itis quite useful” again knowing what was implied

paraphrasing here,
“Revelation says…blah blah blah, head …hand, and it will come blah blah, and with the plague of covid, it really is happening

I said whilst smiling “Oh, I’m surprised they knew about microchips 2,000 years ago”

received a slight head tilt


I said “I have a couple more, that do [blah, blah & blah]”

Sounding actually a little interested (tempted) “How much do they cost?”

I told him the prices

“can you take them out?”

I said “Yeah, easy, just a little knick with a scalpel and push here” Causing My NExT to protrude

He took a step back in “disgust” / fear?

I said “So not for you then!?” :smirk:

“ooohh No!” But he was smiling

I said “Oh well, Have a good day” :wave: and of I trotted with juice in hand paid for by the devils mark

Thus endith the story of the devils payment :smiling_imp: :credit_card: 2020 CE


Makes me wish mine would ship.

Any word for you. … my memory sucks. @Satur9?


Had some xseries that I was carrying around. Showed them to a couple of people and they all reacted like I was holding out a snake or something.

Normally reasonable and educated people, acting like ninnies in the presence of an implant.

That’s actually a great counter-argument: the real mark of the beast is not removable :slight_smile:


Anything is removable with a big enough blade :slight_smile:


That escalated quickly… :open_mouth:


Ian sent me an email on August 20th that said I should expect my purewrist in 2-3 weeks. I’m gonna wait until exactly 10th before I message them back asking any questions. He also suggested I spread the word, so I’ll definitely be posting about my experience and anything Amal and I can glean about the chip on a separate thread.


I didn’t get one saying that. Hmm. Kinda wonder if I we have been had. The kickstarter is full of not happy people. I really hope for the best, but in either case, my new bank has tap to pay cards.



I recently had a 100+ comment-long thread on some random instagram post after mentioning in the comments that I had a chip implant. This guy was clearly beyond reasoning with and at one point tried to argue that not only was the moon landing not real, the moon and even space wasn’t real. What a mess.
Also had an interesting conversation with every hairdresser in the salon (I was the only customer at the time) about modernity’s impacts on religious traditionalism, and my generation’s backlash to traditional views through the use of technology. It was pretty interesting, with my father being a priest I’ve gotten used to the whole “mark of the beast” conversation with actual theologians, and it was profound to have the same level of conversation with normal people who haven’t dedicated their life to religious studies. Refreshing, actually.

Tbh I’ve had the most resistance from my family leading up to installing the chip. I waited to announce it to my gf and father until it was already done, which was a mistake.

Most people, once I explain what it is, don’t seem to have any particular views on it beyond not personally wanting to do it (they seem to feel the need to tell me this as if I were asking them to). Occasionally though I’ll get a religious nut pestering me about it on FB or Insta, but most people’s questions seem to stem from a lack of understanding, sometimes fear, but not hatred. I find that resistance comes from fear, and fear comes from a lack of understanding most of the time. I have yet to use it “in the wild” so that’ll be interesting.

Bottom line, you do you. Don’t spend time worrying about what everyone else out there thinks. I do think that the opinions of those you love should be taken into consideration, but just remember that you have likely put more research and thought into it than they have… but a chip can always wait, relationships maybe not so much. I nearly had to learn the hard way. My 2 cents. I have a whole thread about explaining it to my family…

It’s the tenth. Emailed today:
“Should be at your doorstep in the next week or two.”


Reactions range from amazement to shock and horror.

No abuse, but I’m a big guy in my mid 50’s packing heat so intimidation is on my side when needed.

I might reach out also. I haven’t heard anything yet

Honestly we might be some of their only customers ATM :laughing:

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So far I haven’t gotten a single fun or exciting reaction… :-/

So far it ranges from
“oh that’s cool I guess”
“Huh that’s weird”

What the hell…