Harassment for being a cyborg?

I’m curious if anyone has been harassed by rednecks or religious fanatics; no offense to anyone who is religious. I’m not too worried about it but its something a friend brought to my attention. I’m definitely getting mixed reactions from friends and family, just over the idea of getting an implant. What are your experiences with the general population?

nothing personally, but @JennyMcLane’s instagram posts tend to have at LEAST 2 comments each from people calling it the mark of the beast, government surveillance, etc.


I just collected some of them: (english an german) enjoy it


the fun stuff is, youtube filters the most “mark of the beast” comments. Sometimes i add them back - because it is so entertaining.


I think it depends A LOT on where you live, and the way you live in general. I get occasional silly comments for all the bodymod-stuff, clothing style and such, not for implants in special - I think most people walking by consider me as “slightly off mainstream” anyway, so I guess they do not really bother if there is a chip inside me as well.
When I talk about it to people who are really curious or interested, many of them don’t really see a usefulness in implanting chips, but they’re usually not negative towards it. That is, here in germany. We luckily have relatively few religious fanatics and rednecks here, and I would avoid them anyway. On the web, that’s a different thing, but I’m not active on social media or such, so I rarely encounter such people…


I’m here in Austria, we have here many religious people.
I know it from a friend in Germany, that in the USA there are many very strict extreme religious people.

Sometimes here in Austria women looked at you, because you are not using parfume, make up or wear dresses with brands ( nike or similar,…)
Also a colleague said to me: “you are a women, women war make up, parfume,…”
I said: “not intrested, I need my money for implants”

I can’t understand… why make up, you stand during the day in the near of very hot ovens, go into the deep freezer.

You should move to Canada: many public places there prohibit people who wear perfume from entering, because perfume contains petroleum products that some people are allergic to.

Frankly that was a real blessing when I lived there: I hate perfume, and people who think they have the right to impose their particular favorite flowery stench on me, as much as I hate tobacco smells and smokers.


I was gonna mention this, everywhere I’ve ever worked from retail to government always had a no perfume rule although some people just ignore it and use perfume anyways but at least you sorta have a choice. Perfume never bothered me though unless it’s those people who use like half a bottle and you can smell them before they even enter the room

Same to me, I begun to cough - need fresh air. Here in Austria some women have so much parfume on it, that you can smell them agains a hurrican. The face masks helps a bit. I’m allergic too it.

I heard it, that it also forbidden in Sweden to wear perfume in offices, public transport,… this is so cool.

My mother smokes a bit, but since 2 or 3 years only outdoor. Much better.

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Well, Austria is a great place. But history has proven that not everything it has to offer is great :slight_smile:


not for RFID Implantees:

getting chipped: isn’t possible on the legal way - some piercers do it (I only know 2) - needle is too big,…

fleximplants: only doctors (bodymods are forbidden in Austria)

RFID Access: maybe only in really big important companys (insurance, maybe also banks)
at work: no RFID here - we must sign evey month papers (workings hours) Only our coffee machines has a tag, where you can upload money to it - its mifare mini - we treid to hack / clone it,… doesn’t work.
Puplic transport: best thing is - buy a paperticket,… mobiel tickets: can happen if there is no internet connection - you can’T sho your ticket (happens to me, glad that the conductor believe me, and i was able to show him the ticket later…


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I’ve gotten several comments about having the mark of the beast, but it’s typically said in jest. When they joke about it, I usually just joke back about how it’s in my left hand.

I’ve also gotten a few comments about how the government is going to track me and at that I just laugh. That’s one pretty darn easy to debunk. I just explain the range limitations, compare it to the chips put in pets and then follow up with how if someone’s so worried about getting tracked by the government, they shouldn’t carry a phone around.


The only person who ever seriously mentioned that I was carrying the mark of the beast had the misfortune of bearing a rather prominent BCG vaccination scar on her upper arm. Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to bring the “conversation” to a swift end :slight_smile:


I f they post it undwr clips, with my left hand, I write them:

Go back to school, if you don’t know the difference between left and right.


hopefully you don’t have a driving license, if you don’t know the difference between left and right.


Tbh, I wouldn’t even bother having the mark of the beast… if that keeps fanatic christians away from me, I’d be absolutely fine with that. :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem with fanatic christians - or mulsims, or hindus, or anything - is that they think they have a god-given duty to convert you to their beliefs. Nothing drives them away: the more signs you display that you believe differently, the more in your face they get.


I’ve gone to a Southern Baptist church for awhile now to ease the mind of my overly religious best friend (He knows I’m agnostic) but over the years the church has become my family regardless of my beliefs (they think I’m a Christian). The preacher on the other hand has told me on multiple occasions that I’ve taken the mark of the beast, that I’m in the Illuminati (during a sermon) and that I speak for the antichrist.


Some family you found yourself there…

The rest of them are surprisingly accepting of it despite his best efforts to spread the mark of the beast info. It’s just the preacher that has a problem with me.

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It’s just the preacher that has a problem with me, the rest have surprisingly been very accepting of it despite his efforts to say I’ve taken the mark.

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I’d try to see the other parishioners outside of the church if I cared about them, if I were you. Or not at all if I couldn’t. But going back to a place where I’m getting insulted? Thanks but no thanks.