Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

Looks grizzly af but awesome! Keep us updated with the healing!

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How is the healing going for you?

I think Fine… Nothing changed at all. looks like the first day. cant remove the marker :smiley:

If anything changed im gonna post an update - you can count on that.

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6 installed,

Only thing wonky was both installer and I forgot about safety clip for second lol

We both laughed and blamed the xg3 that went in first, has no clip so lulled us into a false sense of security


Wow, that xg3 looked like it took significant force to install… How would you say that once compared to the others? (other than its lack of safety clip lol)

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Either forearm skin in general or mine, is a lot tougher than hand skin
Also it’s a much bigger needle

That was a lot less zen experience than I expected

I have a new appreciation for those putting it in their fingers

I’m also in the freak out phase, where I worry if it was put too deep in, and that’s why it’s not very magnetic

Or just swelling, which I’m sure it is, but the freak out voice doesn’t listen


You can’t know anything for sure until it’s healed a bit, so the best you can do is take good care of it and give it the best chance of healing right. The xG3 isn’t super strong by conventional hobby magnet standards (which would be your primary point of reference) because of it’s size/shape anyway. It’s currently behind a ton of dense swollen flesh, so just take it easy.

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Of course,

(Doesn’t mean I won’t still freak out though)

Lol, ignore my catastrophization


So it’s 5 days since my flexM1 install in L4, and today I took off the bandaid to let it breathe.

Skin is yellow, to be expected

So to the question for those who have installed a flex:
I can go a whole day without any pain, - but suddenly, I can feel a sudden sharp pain, and it feels like I start bleeding under the skin. (usually if I tighten my fist)
Then it is painless again for a while, even when doing the same movement.

My assumption is that my artist nicked a vein and that “wrong” movements is the equivalent of ripping open the crust on a wound, making it bleed again,and that the flex is not involved, but thought I’d share and hear if anyone else experienced something similar

Where is the pain exactly? Is it at the entry point?

I think maybe it’s “finding its space”. It’ll back out quite a bit towards - and possibly past - the scar, by the looks of it. It might be biting into the flesh there.

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It is possible, but it looks really good in the pictures.
You have caused trauma to the area, and it is still healing, give it a little while longer to heal.
You will still feel it for a while, whilst it is settling in. movements will aggravate the area, and will still take probably a few months until you don’t even feel it at all.

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Yeah, this!

You’re right, I think it has allready drifted past the entry point.

I’ve had a bandaid over all of it until now, so not sure exactly where but I’m guessing it’s the red marked area, as that spot feels really tender

Edit: thanks for all the quick replies.
No need to worry then I assume, so just let time take its course🙂

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Yeah, thats what it looks like in the photos

No chance of it “popping” out

By your red line it does also look like a vein close and parallel to it. But no stress, just let it heal and encapsulate in its own time.

Well, give is some time to sette down. It is quite thin-edged and it’ll bite you for a while until it’s happy where it is. Hell, my flexNExT still bites me every once in a while and it’s been 4 months.

That was quite surprising to me: I inserted mine roughly at the same location you did, and while I knew it would go backwards because of the movements at the metacarpal heads, I didn’t expect it to back out so far.

The thing is, there is a transverse ligament that runs the width of your hand just behind the metacarpal heads. You can feel it if you make a “bear claw” hand and tense it up. I thought the end of the implant would ride up the ligament, but no: it’s like a brick wall. Each time you extend your fingers, it pushes the implant backwards. If you mark the most backward position of the ligament when you extend your fingers fully, you realize there just isn’t enough space for the implant to fit in without riding up the carpals a bit at the other end.


It’s actually reassuring to read this, because it means there’s nothing wrong with mine, and that I can ignore the bites :slightly_smiling_face:

Your pocket must be a bit tight - or “just right” and the implant ain’t quite liking where it’s been dropped. Mine was done with a rather large dermal lifter and my flexM1 never bit me once. It probably found its space before the pocket started closing up around it.

I believe biting Flex implants are rather a common thing. Don’t worry about it, but don’t ignore signs: if it starts biting too much, or hurting in different ways, you should be concerned.


Do you have the full ( unedited ) video from your installation.

It shows the needle and Spark :clapper: then cuts to the bandage :adhesive_bandage: … you cut out the juicy bit in the middle :syringe: :drop_of_blood:


I noticed that too, I wonder if it has something to do with like Japan’s graphic content restrictions or something.
But I would also like to see the full install if that’s a possibility ryuuzakijulio.

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