Professional Flex Install Guide?

I found something about the needle install for the Flex chips and I found the old how to approach a professional info. Is there anything like that but geared towards the flex chips and specifically doing the scalpel install.

I’ve recently received my FlexM1 and FlexNT and I’m looking for someone to put them in.

Scalpel, nothing Visual that I am aware of specifically, There is some stuff on YouTube if you search for it, but there is written info

  • Make a 8mm wide incision in skin
  • Lift & separate dermal layer using elevator tool
  • The subdermal “pocket” should be at least 35mm deep
  • Remove all tools from installation site
  • Slide flex device under skin with sterile gloves – no forceps or tools
  • Suture to close wound – do not pierce flex device while suturing

I personally would recommend a needle install

Older instructions ( Non-DT Flex specific install needle )

  • Incise skin using a 4g (5mm diameter) piercing needle, bevel side down
  • Carefully insert the needle to a depth of at least 35mm
  • Be sure to lift the skin ahead of the needle’s point as you insert it
  • Slide flex device under skin with sterile gloves – no forceps or tools
  • Achieve complete hemostasis before applying bandaging
  • Use re-enforced butterfly bandage or dermal strips to pull wound closed
  • Apply transparent film (tegaderm) dressing overtop the dermal strips
  • While hemostasis is maintained, do not remove bandaging for 7-10 days

Newer instructions

Video for injectable

Video for flex needle


My reason for wanting to go with scalpel install is the locations I’m using L5 for the FlexM1 and L8 for the FlexNT. I just don’t feel like they lend themselves well to the needle (not enough slack to pick up the skin) when I get my hand on the apex flex it’ll be L2 and I’m all for the needle there.


Some other Needle installs FYI