8mm wedge flex device installation with custom 4G needle

Both Dangerous Things and VivoKey have wedge shaped flex series implantable devices which are shaped like a wedge, with the leading edge at the bottom of the antenna being 7mm wide, and the trailing edge, typically with the chip inside, being 8mm wide. These devices can be safely and aseptically installed using a needle based procedure any licensed professional body piercer can perform using a standard 4G piercing needle.

We have created a custom 4G needle that is unusually long (80mm) and has a laser etched depth marker at the appropriate depth. This needle is used to create an entry point through the skin and a tunnel or pocket through the fascia tissue. Once the needle is inserted up to the depth marker, it is removed and the wedge shaped flex device manually inserted into the pocket. Our custom flex installation needles are available to professionals by contacting us via the help button on our website.

A full procedure guide for professionals is available as a PDF document: VivoKey Flex Device Installation Procedure Guide.pdf (641.0 KB)