FlexM1 install with needle questions

My piercer has neither done a flex install nor using the 5mm needle, so he’s leaning on playing safe first;

  1. Due to the size of the FlexM1, he’s a bit wary of me installing it at my R5 / Knife edge , and instead recommends me R4. I would go for R4 if I’m not planning to get a FlexMT in the future. Are there anything that we should be aware of if I still went for R5?

  2. Do the installation side of the FlexM1 matters? ie the front/top (black) and back (silver)

  3. Any other stuff/tricks that I should inform him? Ill pass him the flex install procedure as well

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I think that is a good decision, alternatively if it works for you, would be using the #4 on the other hand.

Black side up is Amal tracking and controlling you, Silver side up is your government…
Nah, fair question, but it doesn’t mater, it’s just the chip :+1:

Not to be confused with “just the tip”


Just the bevel down vs bevel up
the newer modified technique


Lube! One of the situations it’s highly recommend!


Thats what he said :smirk:

Jokes aside, he did use lube last time for my NExT and xM1 impant.

Most of the reader that I plan to use with the M1 favors the right hand. I tried using those reader with my left hands for a few days, wasnt pleasant.

And thanks for the new technique, I’ll let my piercer know !

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15 days in with prenatal supplements, and almost completely healed. Unfortunately, the public transportation MIFARE reader I plan to use it on still cant get a read on it. It does works (albeit awkwardly) with my office elevator, so that’s a consolation I suppose.

Hi guys, abiut the flexm1, since its not in the transponder injection and its in a vial, and the range is higher than the xseries, has anyone tried or had any luck of registering it on the lock or the NFC phone while still in the vial?

What was your experience?


I would’ve started a new thread but ok…

While I don’t have any flex implants and haven’t tried to read one in the vial, it should work fine unless I’m missing something.

And I’d keep the vial sealed and let the installer open it. Just to keep the implant safe and clean…

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Great idea dude. Will do that :blush: