Getting Implanted in the Netherlands

So, I live in Groningen and from what I could tell from the two or three maps of piercing partners that I came across for the EU only two were in the Netherlands that too right on the other side of the country, what would you guys recommend me to do a) go south to either one of those or maybe b) go to germany beacuse the chip implant scene in NL looks dead compared to Germany ?

For my first time I was planning to go with the xSIID LED (Undecided) and the XG3 axial(Finger tip or is that a bad idea?)

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You also have option c) ask bodymods and piercers around where you are. There probably isn’t any scalpel work in what you listed so you might find someone:
Here is a guide for that How to approach a professional

If going to Germany is in your budget then definitely spend a weekend there :beer::wink:

I think a common place for that, and what I chose personally, is between metacarpals. It’s a nice spot for an led…

The xG3 is big and I’ve seen some people fail to put in in their fingers. It’s not intended for that use (despite the photos on the store). Unless you have big fingers I would say it’s better to wait and get a Titan when you’re ready.

If you decide to put your xG3 somewhere else consider all placements and don’t go right for the easiest one. I have an axial in P0 and if I was to do it again I would choose another place. Some people are experimenting with palm placements and despite not being recommended I can see how that would be nice for an axial.
In the end it comes down to your morphology, daily activities and how you intend to use it.

Tipp: go to Cologne to “Martin Kraus” from Ganesha Bodyart.
He has a lot of experience with chip- and magnetimplants.

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+1 for Cologne because it’s beautiful there.


Another great artist to visit in Cologne would be Arnulf from Stigmata Inc. - he did my Titan, flexNExT and more funny scalpel work. And he’s one of the nicest freaks I know :wink:

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