NFC Biohacking in Singapore

As title, wish to get a NFC implant but not sure if theres a prominent community in Singapore or paragon business. what the laws are about it. Would be helpful if someone can point me in the right direction, thanks!

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Laws? I doubt there’s any government that has laws about whether or not you can have a chip implant.
Who’s qualified to install it, yes. But not who can have one.

I would bet there are already a few, and unfortunately it’s only a matter of time

The closest installer on the partner map is in Kuala Lumpur.
afaik nobody active here on the forums is from Singapore


I hate Quora and never blindly trust any search results, so ot would be worth doing you own research to confirm, but this was the first result

Welcome from Reddit.

The Kuala Lumpur partner was recommended on Reddit too.

Do you have a purpose for a chip? There are several options and selecting the right one for your use can be interesting.

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