2mm xG3 curiosity

Hi friends! I had a thought today about a 2mm diameter xG3 v1 axial magnet implant for sensing.

I’m sure Amal and crew have already tested this, so I’m more just curious as to what the results were. I get why the xG3 v2 is 3mm in diameter, as the 3mm offers the best possible lifting potential for what is capable in an injectable format.

Looking at the Titan specs, the thickness of the physical magnet is 2mm, which also suggests that’s the smallest dimension recommended. Especially since with the glass coating on the xG3 series that likely adds 1mm, for a 3mm total as seen in the xG3 line.

Anway, I digress. Food for thought. Thanks in advance.

Part of the issue is diameter of the magnet core vs glass thickness and it’s not great going down to 2mm OD glass.

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Thank you Amal. I appreciate your time. :metal:

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It would have to then be called an xG2