3mm implant for piercings?

'Allo! I’m looking for a ~3mm cylindrical (X-series here, right?) implant, but I don’t need to actually implant it. It turns out 3x14 is just the right size for an 8-gauge nipple piercing :sweat_smile: and I really want to open doors / log in with my tits.

  • Is there a way to get, say, a NExT or similar in a 3mm form factor
  • Would this work for WebAuthn / be as effective as an NFC YubiKey
  • Are there any updates on contactless payment options (I know it comes up a lot)
  • I’ve seen bio-safe epoxy mentioned; any tips for finding such epoxy to attach standard piercing hardware so it doesn’t just fall out eventually
  • Does DangerousThings do custom stuff like this from time to time (I’ll glue stuff myself, but I’d much rather a professional make it properly)
  • Thoughts on axial vs. diametric when using an xG3 in this manner

Thanks for any info or ideas! I’m reading up as quickly as I can, but there’s so much to digest in this amazing and rapidly-evolving knowledge domain / community - and you’re already experts.


Depending one what you want

The v1 axial would hold things to the ends of it, vs the v2 diametric holding to the long sides

My experience with both, in non typical locations (arm, so thicker skin) has been subpar, distance really effects the intensity of the magnetic attraction, and these don’t have much to begin with….

The seem to work better in hands and fingers where they are far more shallow

But even then, nothing has ever been secure enough for me to trust for more than a few moments

Ok now all I want to do is put a pair of v2 xg3 s in my nipples.

Wife: “Why are you standing in front of the microwave?”
Wife: “that’s a bowl of water and it’s been 25 Minutes”
Me: *giggles at my jiggly nipples”