3mm implant syringe?


I’m trying to pin down an outlet (or someone) to buy a 3mm syringe to re-implant my XG3.

I am aware of the nuances of hygiene and sterilising etc (I installed my own Titan).

For the love of magnetism I can’t seem to find somewhere that supplies them. Can anyone help please?

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I can’t say for sure, but if you ask really nicely, they may reload it if you use DT’s reprocessing service

They say they’ll give you a new needle for flex implants, so I don’t think they’d be opposed to getting you a new injector for an x-series, assuming they can source them themselves

Plus you’d get it inspected and sterilized and all that cool stuff


Now that looks like a distinct possibility. Thank you for the heads up :+1:

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Turns out it’ll be close to $100 because I’m in the UK :grimacing:

I’ll try and speak with Amal about the possibility of getting an empty syringe.

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A piercer should be able to implant it again without the original injector. The problem is that magnets can’t be autoclaved.

Leaving it for 3 days in chlorhexidine would be a good alternative if low temperature sterilization methods aren’t available but this only gets you to clinically clean, not sterile. I think that rubbing alcohol could also work but I am no expert here so take this paragraph with a pound of salt.


2 more ideas for you.

You could buy a cheaper xLED and uses the same size needle.

or a custom needle, which is even cheaper at $8, arrives sterilized and can also be autoclaved…


I would definitely go to the piercer route. The needle would be included in their service fee. The procedure would be to use the needle to incise and make a pocket, then remove the needle and manually pick up and place the magnet under the skin.

Without a plunger, the magnet will likely stick to the needle and make it pulled out when the needle is removed.