5 Doors - Internal and External

Do note that the Yale doorman has a shitty antenna. It works with the XM1, but you often need to fiddle a bit

A FlexM1 however works rather good, but is still annoying sometimes.

I personally went for the ubiquiti access kit on my main door, and would highly recommend a reader that is connected to power (strong antenna, continues reads) than a battery powered reader (sends small pulses, then activates when it detects a tag. - sometimes works immediately, but sometimes it takes… too long and is annoying)

In retrospect, If I hadn’t already installed a FlexM1, I’d opt for a custom FlexDF for the ubiquiti system instead.
Then again, that is a pricey system

So we have all of the RFID card versions of most implants instead which are also cheaper: https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/product-category/rfid-tools/rfid-access-cards/

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The question was about rings, because of the convenience factor I assume.

Yeah absolutely. I think a ring or wearable may be a good starting point before going first to an implant haha.