5 Doors - Internal and External

So back to square one of the initial project. Looking to secure a front and back door, 2 internal doors and a garden office. Looked at Yale but don’t like having multiple fobs, looked at Paxton but to expensive. Is there no one lock to rule them all?

Currently waiting on getting the implant until i have chosen the locks/readers. I have had a good look at the compatability matrix just looking for suggestions and best approaches from people :).

Thanks all


I am looking into getting the Yale Conexis myself and using my XM1 implant for access, providing it works, which I am hoping it will!

Then for internals it depends how secure you want it to be, you could put something together yourself using an Arduino (or even the XEM access controller from DT) and a solenoid and a couple other bits, or you could go all out like the user “ChipGirlHere” on TikTok and get a full on access system. I suppose your budget and imagination control you on that point!

Hi Cal, yeah it should work based on the video i have looked at. Haha yeah i have seen chip girl i think a full blown paxton system is a bit overkill. I asked for a quote and they wanted £2000 per door!!

Yeah that’s the one I watched, Quentyn is great - super underrated, I was thinking more if it will work with the size of the implant being so small, I originally got my XM1 for work access purposes but the readers we have installed in the office suck and I can’t get a reading for the life of me.

Better get saving… I saw recently they added a reader onto the elevator in their house which is cool, but ultimately made me feel super poor lol.

Haha i know. I wish my house was that big to accommodate that lol.

That is what makes me abit nervous nervous about getting the implant. Seen some 13.56MHz rings which look interesting. But again maybe something that can be easily lost.

I rocked with a ring for a while, generic branded eBay NTAG213 thing, and it was great, but yeah easy to misplace. DT have a wearables section that is basically a wearable NExT. Hoping @KaiCastledine might stock them at some point (purely for shipping purposes)? Would be ideal for people who aren’t fully committed just yet.
I use it now to store my website on and I plan to use it at networking events, I feel like some people can be weird about implants so its a less threatening(?) way to show them!

I guess your other option would be to get a flex implant for the better read? Personally an X series was extreme enough for me :sweat_smile:

Just a look at this https://dangerousthings.com/product/dual-frequency-ring/.

Could this be used to access 5 13.56MHz locks or would it be on ring per lock if that makes sense. I don’t want to look like mr T and need 5 or 6 haha.

1 RFID ID can be added to the “allow list” of endless readers.

Even the yale tags? The guy seemed pretty adamant that this couldn’t be done. If its possible could you let me know.

The Yale tags are mifare classic 1k, and the locks write a counter to the tag so you probably can’t use one tag on multiple take locks.

The dual frequency ring is not MiFare classic 1k compatible.

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Yeah I don’t one tag would work with multiple locks with the data being changed every scan by the lock, shame there’s no implantable chameleon mini yet!

But you can use an implant for multiple doors, or not?

You can use an implant for multiple doors, but the Yale conexis appears to write to the tag every time with a “counter”. So if you use it on one door it’s fine but if you use it on multiple doors it won’t work. This is a special case where they are not just using the uid.

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Got it. Thanks for clarification

Just curious, are you able to modify your doors and door frames and run wires at all? I was able to do a full blown multiple door access control system for I think not much more than $1500 USD. I’m still planning on doing a more detailed project post about my system sometime soon. Basically I am using UPHHOLTE controllers and stuff which can be found on Amazon and EBay. It’s all LF 125kHz EM4100 based, but does read really well with the LF side of my NExT and works 100% reliable too. :wink:


Great. Happy to read more details about it

Are you sure that’s how the conexis works?

I have 3 Yale doorman locks, and a single tag can be enrolled to all the doors.

So here’s how the doorman works (and I would assume the conexis is similar)

  • you enroll a Yale tag to a door
    -the door then writes something to the tag

  • you clone that tag to your… Say… XM1

  • you use your clone on the door, and the door again writes something to the tag.

Now your original tag does not work anymore. This is good, - a security feature. Only your original tag or your clone can function, not both.

However, enrolling the tag you choose to use (cloned or original) to another doorman lock does work.
And opening the doors in different order does work

… So whatever the door writes to the tag can coexist with multiple doors.

Again: this is how it works for the doorman
But I couldn’t possibly understand why it shouldn’t be the same with conexis.

I was basing it purely on a discussion elsewhere on this site, so no, I am not sure.

If the same card can be enrolled to multiple locks then that is good news.

Seems like it can be paired with up to 7 locks


Ah fantastic news! Great if you need to secure the external doors then @CHilly696 :slight_smile:

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