5v powered RFID Readers

Hello All!

Do any of you (or have you) come across RFID readers powered by 5v that have terrible read range?

I got my first kit today and have been testing the LED with different readers that I have on hand, and I have noticed that any of the ones powered by 5v are having no luck lighting up the LED at all, but, if I give them 9v or greater they light up no problem. Same goes for the LED card.

Does anyone know if the actual implant will have similar issues when being read by 5v powered readers?


Are you talking about an xLed / xSIID?
What readers are you testing?

I believe the reader modules used with Arduinos for various projects use 5v and they work ok with implants.
Maybe the reader you’re using is meant to be powered with 9v

Sorry, the keychain is what I am using.

One of the readers is Mircom TX3-P500-HA. It functions well with other cards at decent range (3-5cm) while being powered by 5v.

Look at the spec sheet.

5 volts is the minimum operating voltage. Give them 12 volts and enjoy the increased performance!

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I bet thats the issue for many people experiencing issues with read range… I just went for a stroll in my neighborhood and ran the keychain across over a dozen buildings entry readers and only 3 gave a strong blinking. I think someone in this area has been skipping by on minimums.

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Little update here:

Implants are in, no swelling really at all (I am rubbing Arnica gel on the surrounding area)
I have been able to use them without issues from the get go.

I have tested them with the previously mentioned readers that are getting low voltage.
They are able to fairly consistently read the implants! The LEDs in the keychains, and the diagnostic card barely/didn’t light up at all, but the implants do read!!

Now I have installed boosts on the lines that were getting low voltage (Some of them) and the read range increased to the point that I don’t have to touch the reader at all!