7 byte cloneable implant?

Anyone know if this is in the works or will be?

@amal would be the best person, but I am not aware of anything at this juncture.

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Magic NTAG should be capable of this.


FlexMN if you want the link

probably should have specified not that one cause I didnt want to go with something that large

@Pilgrimsmaster ^

For a time, there was the FlexMN “flex narrow” version, 7x35mm


Installable with a custom needle

but there was some antenna performance issues.
I think / hope this is being revamped, so keep an eye out for it

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I think the issue was not exactly on the antenna, but on the chip itself being quite fiddly, requiring some perfect pairing to get a successful write

Yes the chip is to blame but the small antenna exacerbated the problem significantly.

So… if I send you back my slim FlexMN, @amal , would it be possible to rewire it in the same antenna as my FlexDF2 ? :wink:

Or you believe not much of a difference would come there?

no difference… the chip itself is pretty shit and that’s the issue… the much larger antenna it comes with normally is more easily manipulated in terms of distance from reader etc. which affects timings etc. which the chip really has a hard time with etc. Basically my hunch is that they made a magic chip that was meant to be put into a card format that juuuust barely bit banged things out with the correct timings… and probably juuuust barely had the required gate logic sensitivities required… and was still probably pretty picky about exact placement etc… but changing the coil dimensions chances resistance and distance to the readers required and that affects gate logic and signal timings and well the chip is just shitty.


Are you looking at removing the Magic NTAG from your “inventory” , or just sell it in FlexDisc form Factor?
Or, is it something you are going to revisit with some antenna rework at some stage?

I would hate to miss out on an awesome chip, but the FlexDiscs are just too big for my girly wrists and I wouldn’t go on the top of my hand…

naa i just removed the narrow version… the normal “disc” flexMN is still available… but yeah I don’t know if i will bother getting more… it’s just… ** advanced users only ** level because it’s gotta be someone who knows what they are getting into…

HIghkey very glad I held out on the MN :smile: as I would’ve found pretty quickly it wasn’t the best for my use case (do be loving the flexEM though)