A B C for dummies of NFC

Hello people, im daniele from italy. Im star to move first step about RFID. I wanna understand better what can i do and use that tech for study and for some test.

For example i start a new job where i have mine badge and i would like to clone into a ring. i saw on ali there is a rfid ring. Maybe i can clone my work badge. (not read yet with my phone)

The other card i have is for wash my car. I try to read with MCT. On App for android i read something about i need a magic card v2 to clone mine to another.

I try to check online some information but there are a lot of model of both system, tag, rfid, mifare, mifare classic, and so also for the reader…and also app for windows or android.

Maybe the things are more easy but i need to start with something to study.

If i wrote the exact model of mine card i can have some help?

You might find this as a helpful starting point:

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Of course

If you have tried to read your car with your phone and you are not getting any results, It is quite likely a Low Frequency card, so if you can tell us any information about the card and reader or post a photo of your card and reader, we can certainly try to help you out.

To get a better understanding about the technology, follow @turbo2ltr link above.

Also if you find it easier to communicate in Italian, the forum has a translation plugin

Thanks a lot for reply.

I uploaded the screenshot of what i see with MCT. The card is for car wash.

However i dont know if i can post the link of online shops i checked.

Because i found different product and i dont know if are compatible…first of all.

Chip: S50 + T5577

or UID + T5577 / EM4305 dual chip

or 1k s50 13.56MHz

possibly UID
1k s50 13.56MHz

The first and last definitely.

If you are looking for an implant, these are probably the ones you would consider