A better plating for sensing magnets (platinum)

so I know DT has their glass coated magnet available but its too big and weak to be a de facto sensing magnet
There is a video of Amal explaining why TiN, gold and silicone are not quite perfect yet either. TiN has holes, gold corrodes, silicone breaks

from what I know you canelectroplate rare earth magnets. Why not plate with platinum, iridium, or the alloy of those two. Those have beenlong proven to be safe by the medical industry. Pacemakers are partially platinum or platinum-iridium

Platinum is expensive. The cost would definitely be high, but they would last some time and essentially be medical grade. It seems like no one cares about iridium because I cannot find any info about electroplating it.
A smartwatch is like 400USD for example and “lasts” less than five years for most people before they upgrade.

The only issue I can think of is it having holes just like the TiN


Just to clarify, field strength has less to do with the ability to sense things… it’s more about the inertia of mass and the inability to implant larger magnets into places with higher density of tactile nerve endings (like the fingertips).

This has been attempted a few times but they still broke down during testing… getting a medical grade coating has proven difficult. This is not to say it’s impossible, it’s just not something we’re exploring at the moment.