A few noob questions before making my purchase

Noob here! I have a couple questions before making my purchase, and I figured this might be the best place to ask.

  1. with the NeXT implant being both NFC and RFID, can both sides of the chip be used at once? Meaning, could I have my RFID on there for my office building, along with a URL for when it’s scanned by a phone? Or can it only have one function loaded at a time?

  2. since the Xg3 magnet isn’t anything being scanned, could I implant my spark 2 next to it in the webbing of my right hand? Or would there be some adverse effect to either implant?

Thanks in advance for any help :pray:

Not a problem at all

( The only consideration is a multiclass reader, that is “looking” for HF and/or LF, but this rare and there are mitigations you can use)

It has been suggested to keep them >50mm apart

I would add though, this recommendation was given before the G3 V2 was available.
So with the 2 different magnetic pole Axis options, that would determine in what direction from your other implant you would want to consider.


The NeXT implant contains two chips in one housing. You can use the Low Frequency side and the high frequency side for different things.

Some people have implanted magnets close to other chips, you don’t want two hard objects actually touching inside your body. Further separation is a good idea if you can manage it.

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Oh wow, you guys are fast. Thanks for all the info! Just to clarify, I didn’t mean they would actually be touching. I more so meant would it be ok to implant them both within that webbing, without affecting the spark2 being scanned. I had no intention of them touching. Just the thought of that gives me the heebie-jeebies haha

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I was not surprised by @Pilgrimsmaster beating me to it. :laughing:


Thanks for the help! You pretty much answered all my questions at once haha

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Discussion of magnet and chip in similar parts of the hand.

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Awesome! That’s a huge help bc I really wanted g3 in the webbing. But also didn’t wanna waste a prime spot like that with something that isn’t even being scanned. I appreciate all the help and quick responses!

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