Palm / Hand anatomy and magnet placement

Long story short, I’m trying to change jobs and the down time in between might be the perfect time to get my Titans installed. Finally. But, I’ve kinda walked back from a finger placement. I’m thinking of placing it in between the bones on the back side of my hand. See Pic.

PLAN A.) With a dot on each knuckle, I’d be placing it in an incision where the line is, just behind the knuckles and between the bones. My thought is to install it on it’s edge, so that the flat sides would face my thumb or pinky and get it kinda deep so that it’s NOT at skin level. The trick is, I don’t know what’s in there. I mean, my meat obviously, but am I looking at cutting into mostly unused space, or am I gonna slice up tendons? Also how would the working of my hand (tendons and bones moving about) pressure the magnet placement?

PLAN B.) see second pic.

I’m also thinking of doing almost the same thing on the inside of my hand, but AHEAD of the knuckles and between the callouses. This time laying the Titan flat.

If you put your index finger from your left hand, between the middle and ring finger of your right hand, and then put your left thumb on the right palm, you can pinch the loose flesh in the spot I’ve marked. Feels like plenty of room.

It does get tight if you fully extend all your fingers, but I think that would be the only time there wasn’t extra padding to cushion the magnet. As long as I don’t go around bitch slapping people, should be fine. I think? Maybe?

I think both are not as nerve rich as a finger. Plan A is riskier due to tendons, but would be better shielded from blows. Plan B is probably more sensitive, at least the magnet would be closer to what I’m trying to feel, anyways.

Plan C if you got one?

Tough calls. I think hands are a Tough thing to mess with on your own. Is it possible to get it installed by someone who has serious knowledge of the hands?

Would plan b make it hard to lift heavy things?

The following summary is a link to a reddit with a hand that has no skin on the palm.

You got room, just be careful.


Reddit - FiftyFifty - [50/50] (NSFW) Hand with no skin | Man with kittens clinging to his arm


Are you doing this yourself or is someone helping you?

Plan A concerns me for two reasons. If I put a finger from my other hand in that spot and move my fingers up and down I can feel a tendon moving. If the plan is to put it further down inside the hand that tendon could easily be in the way. The other being that on my hand at least I can see plenty of blood vessels in precisely that area, again with depth I would be very nervous about that.


Hell No.

I just need to know what I want, so that I can pursue it with a professional.

@Backpackingvet , That’s an interesting picture. It actually makes plan A more viable as it appears the tendons run through the palm area. I wish I could see the other side.


You do not, I chose to briefly look at my hand before starting first aid, some things are better left unseen


Plan C? Why not -P0?

P0 is home to my NeXT.

This is the best reference I could find online on the subject of hand anatomy.

That’s an impressive find. When I’m not at work I’m going to have to set down and really go through it.


Not P0, -P0. I’d be surprised if you had a NExT palm side. There’s enough meat space between that they wouldn’t interact. Please read the post.

I’m not too sure if that would be a lucky combo. I mainly think about constant pull on the neXT an presumable discomfort, rather than the effect of the magnet on the EM field of the reader.

This one actually surprises me - I’ve read somewhere here on the forum that you should keep a distance of at least 5 cm between the Titan and any other chip, and I doubt there is 5 cm of meat between P0 and -P0… anyone tried out placing the magnet closer to other, already installed chips? Any experiences?

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Yes you did


I knew you would jump in and find the right quote in mere seconds :wink:
Were you bitten by a radioactive librarian some time ago or how did you get that superpower?



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I resemble that remark (both of my parents were librarians, and I was a radiation worker in the health physics department at a nuclear physics lab).


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Ooh, are those the kind that a just slightly gooey in the middle?, those are the best… but so hard to cook

With regard to OP’s plan B, I have a roughly magnet-sized ganglion cyst here, and can attest that it’s not really bothersome/noticeable when gripping things.

Yep, I believe @Equipter has a Titan in -P0 and then some xSeries in P0 just above, and I know another forum member with samppa magnets in -P0 (both hands) and xSeries implants in P0. AFAIK, both have had no issues using their RFID implants